Children’s Room Décor

A child’s bedroom is not just a place to rest the head. This special, personal space is often an imaginative playroom, a comfortable nook to unwind after a long school day, or a unique statement on a budding personality. Children’s room décor has really taken off in recent years, with magazines, TV shows, and celebrity endorsements offering their takes on how to create a truly remarkable haven for modern youngsters.


Unisex Children’s Room Décor Trends


Nonconforming kids needn’t be pigeonholed by a particular stereotype. Gender-neutral children’s room décor is particularly important when twins are sharing a room. The most trending ideas revolve around themes like zoo animals, woodland creatures, desert spaces, or science. A light palette, Boho/Rustic/Chic/Modern design aesthetics, and a few statement pieces can go a long way.


Girls Bedroom Décor


Girls bedroom décor is often bright, airy, and whimsical. Whether the room is decked out with giant-sized candy, storybook characters from Alice in Wonderland, princesses and unicorns, or mermaids and seahorses, a little girl will delight in her daydreams come to life. A few choice pieces of furniture and carefully selected props, along with the right color palette, can transform a room from ordinary to extraordinary.


Boys Bedroom Décor


Popular boys bedroom décor imbues a spirit of adventure, nature-loving, exploration-seeking, and crime-fighting. Superheroes, dinosaurs, space, safari, aviation, mariner, trains, sports cars, camping, and sports are all themes that suit young boys. An on-site designer can transform a room into a movie set like an Egyptian pyramid or a space craft, or just a few well-made props can add subtle hints of a particular design motif.


Baby Nurseries


There’s so much anticipation with a new baby on the way, especially the first! “Nesting” is a very real phenomenon, with the overwhelming desire to create a safe, beautiful space for the upcoming bundle of joy taking hold near the end of the third trimester. A consultation with a professional takes the burden of seeking the right elements to add to the room off a mother’s shoulders, leaving her with the task of simply selecting the best items out of a carefully-curated expert assortment. Nursery décor has never been so much fun!


Explore The Wildest Kids Bedroom Decorating Ideas With Custom 3D Printing


The world is one’s oyster with the modern marvel of 3D printing. Anything a child or parent can imagine, a 3D printer can create – signs, statues, playhouses, furniture, storage, artwork, name blocks, mobiles, shelves, toys, lamps, and more. Designs are printed on foam, carved by skilled artisans to add life-like detail, and finished to look like any material from wood, marble, and metal, to animal scales, leather, or plastic. This process is surprisingly affordable and easy to scale to whatever dimensions fit the room.


Cool Kids Room Ideas by Movie Prop Rentals


Movie Prop Rentals, based in Miami, is a source of inspiration for parents looking to bring the best kids bedroom themes to life. Our experienced team has worked for Hollywood, top-of-the-charts music producers, theater troupes, Fortune 500 companies, and celebrities to create awe-inspiring sets. We lend our expertise to everyday folks who want to create something special for their children, too.


Our services include: consultation, design, prop procurement, custom 3D furniture and prop design, and interior decorating. We travel anywhere in the USA to make dreams come true. Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote.