Movie Prop Rentals’ Jerry Blohm, Graylan Franklin, and crew put more than 20 years of professional set design experience to work for you. More than just a prop house, our full range of services take care of your every desire and need, working under tight budgets and deadline constraints with a positive, resourceful mindset.

What is a Prop House?

Movie Prop Rentals in Miami, Florida, is a full-service prop house serving all 50 states. Our prop house rentals inside a 50,000-square-foot warehouse can be toured upon request, or we can curate a customized list of perfect items for your next production. We specialize in major motion picture caliber set dressings, props, displays, scenery, signage, statutes, costume props, lighting, artwork, and special effects equipment.



More Than Just Prop House Rentals

Prop house rentals are just one small part of what we do. Contact us for a free quote on services including:

  • Set Design – Our experienced art directors will listen to your needs and draft a plan of action. We’ll use artistic renderings, CAD drawings, itemized lists, and other aids to communicate with you.
  • Set Build – We have all the resources to build and ship entire sets directly to you. We work in our warehouse space and create modular units that can be easily be assembled wherever you need it.
  • Production Supplies – We have pop-up tents, walls, tables, chairs, velvet ropes, red carpets, heaters, benches, moving dollies, furniture moving pads, truck shelves, and more production supply rentals.
  • Prop Rental – Choose from hundreds of thousands of items– some of which were used in Hollywood movies, theatrical productions, TV commercials, music videos, and corporate galas.
  • Prop Fabrication – When you can’t find what you need, we can make it using our in-house 3D foam printing and carving studio, which turns elaborate dreams into reality within a few weeks.
  • Lighting – When you order one of our other premium services, we are happy to add on professional lighting installation service to save you the trouble of locating another partner for this task.
  • Special Effects – Like our lighting work, we are also experts in creating illusions for the camera, whether it’s wind, water, fire, ice, bubbles, smoke, or thousands of bouncy balls pouring down the street!
  • Installation – Our highly trained, insured crew members can setup any set we design for you. We’ll cover all the transportation challenges, permit securing, and equipment rental necessary to get the job done.
  • Teardown – When the production is over, we’ll disappear without a trace, along with all our mess.
  • Storage – If you require storage for items you will need to use again in the future, we are happy to work on a long-term arrangement with you to preserve bulky items you can’t otherwise store at your facility.

Movie Prop Rentals is a movie prop house that provides all the production supplies and services you need.

What Does It Cost To Work With A Movie Prop House?

While it’s true many of our clients are A-listers– we’ve worked with Pitbull, Shaquille O’Neill, Daniel Day-Lewis, and Fortune 500 companies– you might be surprised how affordable movie prop house rentals and services can be. In truth, we’ve worked with budgets of all shapes and sizes. We’ve done private backyard parties as well as city-wide festival events– so no production is too big or too small. Reach out to us for a free quote. There is no obligation and nothing to lose. We’d love to envision your success.