Phased re-openings began in late May and early June, but this new post-quarantine world is far from ordinary. Health experts suggest a “new normal” could persist well into 2021 when a COVID-19 vaccine becomes available to the masses. In the meantime, stores will require extensive signage to help communicate with their customers, employees, and prospects.


Coronavirus Signs by Movie Prop Rentals


Movie Prop Rentals is here to assist your enterprise in getting back to business as efficiently as possible.


  • We’re FAST. We specialize in short turnarounds for high-quality custom signs.
  • We’re SAFE. Our sign-carving artisans wear proper protective gear while preparing your project.
  • We’re PROFESSIONAL. Our designs have been featured in Hollywood films, music videos, celebrity parties, city festivals, amusement parks, and corporate conferences.
  • We’re AFFORDABLE. We own a 3D printing and foam carving studio that produces a lightweight, durable product that is economical to produce.
  • We’re VERSATILE. Foam can be coated in durable polyurethane, airbrushed, and finished to look like virtually any material – wood, metal, plastic, marble, and more.
  • We DELIVER. We ship anywhere in the USA and can come out to you for the install if necessary.
  • We CONSULT. Not sure what you need? No problem! Our expert consultants provide ideas and quotes.


Grand Reopening Signs


Professional-looking grand re-opening signs will be crucial in attracting foot traffic post-quarantine.


Gradual re-opening plans have some neighborhoods and industries re-opening before others, which can be confusing for customers. Large, visible signage indicating that you’re open for business can significantly boost traffic. You may position signs on your property or around the area to spread awareness.


Signs to say you are open during COVID-19


Letting people know you’re open for business may not be enough, depending on your industry. As businesses re-open, many are doing so with strict hygiene and social distancing measures in place. Large, bold signs, floor decals, graphics, and wayfinding signs will play an essential role in setting the tone within your store or business. They will help to maintain standards that will allow you to conduct business while keeping your staff and customers safe.


Get A Custom Quote on Pandemic Signage


This list represents just a few suggestions for ways you can prepare your business for a grand re-opening using a visual communication strategy. Contact our team to receive additional insight customized for your particular store and industry. We proudly produce results to help your shop stand out at this crucial time.



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