Stage Lighting


Hiring Movie Prop Rentals to handle your stage building needs provides you with more than floorboards and stairwells. We can set you up with props – curated or fabricated specifically for your needs – and we can arrange world-class stage lighting as well. Whether you need us for a concert, live performance, fundraiser event, or recorded production, our stage installation and lighting add-on package safely, efficiently delivers the high-caliber experience audiences have come to expect.


Why Choose Us for Stage Lighting?


Movie Prop Rentals Founder Jerry Blohm and his crew have decked out stages for the most discerning audiences of musicians like Enrique Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez, and Kenny Chesney. We’ve worked Hollywood sets and custom-fabricated props for Fortune 500 corporations. You don’t just get the pieces, but an experienced eye for artistic design and the crew, too. We guarantee a well-rounded setup that’s aesthetically pleasing and functional, done right the first time.


Types of Stage Lights Available


We can supply a variety of different stage lights for your show – whatever you need:


  • Ellipsoidal Reflector Spotlights – to narrowly light your central figures. Multiple ERS can be used with adjustable focus, patterned gobos, and a variety of colors to get just the look you desire.
  • Parabolic Reflectors – PAR cans cost-effectively cover a broad swatch of stage. While you can’t zoom or focus, you can wash the stage in color for aesthetic purposes and increase visibility overall.
  • Fresnels – Zoom, focus, and add soft light fill to your subjects and achieve a look somewhere between ERS and PAR fixtures. When you can’t hang fixtures optimally, Fresnels fill in the gaps.
  • Moving Heads – From narrow to wide, you can spot, wash, or beam the light onto the stage, and perform any combination of the three. Change colors, gobo patterns, and movements to take your show to a whole new level.


Get Professional and Effective Stage Lighting Design


Our customized approach to stage lighting design can give you:


  • Single-point lighting – for a high-contrast, 2-D look, ideal for a comedy show’s dramatic monologue.
  • Two-point lighting – for a sculpted, 3-D look that adds depth, while staying out of the crowd’s eyes.
  • Three-point lighting – for live presentations with onstage performers, from the audience perspective.
  • Four-point lighting – for video production, to eliminate shadows and create another layer of depth.


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