Theatre Lighting Design


Working with Movie Prop Rentals delivers all the solutions you need to make your theatre performance a memorable hit. Clients primarily hire our award-winning art director, production designer, construction foreman, and crew to design and build stages and moving sets, or furnish their production with props. Our experience also allows us to offer clients valuable add-on services like theatre lighting rental and design.


Hire Movie Prop Rentals for:



  • Art Direction
  • Production Design
  • Stage building and installation
  • Prop curation and rental
  • Custom prop/set design and fabrication
  • Add-ons like: lighting and special effects



Why Hire Us for Theatre Lighting Design?


It’s not enough to hang a couple lights onstage. Theatre productions are complex affairs that require different types of lighting for different situations, whether it’s a spotlight for a solo, dimming between scenes, colored gels to set the mood, or gobo rotators to change the weather. We own all the lighting equipment already, so you don’t have to worry about outsourced rental pricing or hiring a separate designer.


As theatre lighting design professionals, we put in the time and effort to know your production. We go over the script with you to determine what is needed. We’ll consider the story, scene by scene, to choose the right lights for the time of day, mood, weather, movement, dialogue, and artistic style of the directorial team. Watching a rehearsal can further illuminate the exact lighting elements required for dramatic effect.


Theatre Stage Lighting


Your custom theatre stage lighting package may include:



  • Colored gels
  • Gobos
  • LEDs
  • Prism rotators
  • Fog machines
  • Ellipsoidal Spotlights
  • Par Cans
  • Fresnels
  • Floods



What Is the Process Like?


We’re a bunch of friendly professionals with “can-do” attitudes. We work closely with technical directors, stage designers, costume designers, production designers, and mentors as an extension of your team. We’ll:


  • Review script for broad-stroke and moment-to-moment needs.
  • Meet with the production team to discuss overall concept, theme, time period, and style.
  • Develop a cue list of all lighting shifts that occur throughout the play.
  • Sketch a lighting plan that shows where each light will be installed and which direction it will point.
  • Ship the rental equipment to you, wherever you happen to be producing a show in the United States.
  • Safely, carefully install the lighting rigs with our construction foreman and experienced crew.
  • Refine cue positions during rehearsals to ensure that none of the characters, props, or scenes gets lost.
  • Troubleshoot any lighting issues or obstacles, providing a backup plan to ensure absolute success.
  • Instruct the stage management team how to execute the agreed-upon technical plan.
  • Full teardown service, shipping equipment back to our warehouses after it is no longer needed.


When You Need Stage Lighting Design, Call Movie Props Rental


Having a great script and talented cast are the most important elements to a successful production, but details like props and lighting draw the line between “amateurs” and “professionals.” Our stage lighting design theatre services are not unlike our Hollywood set lighting services or live concert lighting services. Audiences come to expect the same world-class caliber effects which we’re accustomed to delivering. Contact Movie Prop Rentals to tap more than 25 years of art directorial experience. We’re based in Miami, FL and Atlanta, GA, but we’ll travel anywhere in the USA.