You’ve heard about drive-by birthday parties, baby showers, and drive-through graduations– but have you been to a drive-by engagement celebration yet? They’re the latest craze during the coronavirus pandemic. Though cases are astronomical in America, love waits for no one! We can’t deny ourselves every ounce of celebration and the social pleasures that make life worth living. You may need to employ a basic code of etiquette with new safety protocols in place. Still, you don’t have to sacrifice the decorations and festivities with a well-orchestrated drive-by celebration. Movie Prop Rentals brings a professional touch to your event—no matter where you are.


Basic Anatomy of a Drive-By Engagement Party

Here’s what you might expect to see at a drive-by engagement party:


  • The bride-to-be breaks out her cutest little white dress– not a wedding gown, but a cocktail dress.
  • Don’t be surprised if the groom-to-be attends. Bridal showers are out. Buck-and-does are in!
  • Tables are packed with food, so slow down enough to grab a passing bite or a doggy bag to-go.
  • Decorations should be big and bold– visible from afar, but cohesive and clever up close.


Unique Drive-By Engagement Party Ideas and Upgrades


Movie Prop Rentals has everything you need to wow guests at your drive-by engagement party, including:



We’ve done weddings, so we’ve got everything you can dream of for a miniature wedding spread!


  • Archways
  • Balloons
  • Couples thrones
  • Dancefloors
  • Giant cake statutes
  • Mood lighting
  • Red carpets
  • Tables and cloths
  • Temporary walls
  • VIP lounges


Perhaps the best upgrade of all is a custom, oversized, 3D-printed, and hand-finished prop of your choice. For engagement parties, we’d love to create a surprising, larger-than-life ring boxes that the couple can fit inside or a giant clamshell for the beach-loving couple that opens with a sign that says “I said yes!”


We can fabricate the back of an antique “Just Married” car with the cans attached or design a huge wedding cake for the front lawn. Our designs may include something extraordinary and unique to the couple, such as a statute of the Eiffel Tower if that was where they first met or a replica of Cinderella’s Castle if they love vacationing at Disney World. There is no limit to the possibilities.


Party Guests Join the Fun of a Spectacularly Themed Engagement Party


Event planners may want to consider surprising the groom-and-bride-to-be with decorated cars in the caravan. Each car can have a custom sign or a fun theme that means something to the couple. Imagine the delight and memories of a lifetime created with this thoughtful gesture! These times are uncertain, and we can all use a little joy.


Custom Drive-By Engagement Parties for All Budgets


Printing a custom design is more affordable than you think with the latest technology, an experienced hand, and our flexible set of finishing options. Contact us for a free quote. We can accommodate last-minute requests/ We’ll ship everything you need to set up the party yourself, or we can travel to your location to ensure a truly magical and stress-free drive-through event.