Grammy Award-winning country group Little Big Town is one of our many satisfied clients.


The music video for “Day Drinking” debuted on June 25, 2014. Much like the movie “La La Land,” it starts with a traffic jam, but the group piles out of the red El Dorado Cadillac convertible to hit the beach for drinks. The video was to be shot on Old Port Bridge, the Wynwood Arts District, and beach locations in our backyard of Miami, Florida, so we weren’t surprised when the call came in that they needed fun, colorful summer beach props to make their party look believable, carefree, and vibrant.


What We Did


USA Today named “Day Drinking” their “Song of the Week,” calling it “the year’s tailgating anthem,” while Billboard called it a “happy, hooky, cheery, season-appropriate song for the summer of 2014.” We knew the props we curated had to mirror that vibe with brilliant pops of color and just enough items to make it look like an all-day party, without congesting or overwhelming the scene.


If you were to walk through our Miami warehouse, complete with tens of thousands of items, you might recognize the party scene from Little Big Town’s “Day Drinking” video in seeing:


  • Surfboards
  • Wicker picnic basket
  • White cooler, Red cooler
  • Sand, yellow, and turquoise-colored woven aluminum chairs
  • Umbrella beach tables
  • Beach blankets
  • Blue charcoal grill
  • Volleyball
  • Marching Band costumes and instruments
  • Sunglasses
  • Bongo drums
  • Beach bags
  • Colorful umbrella drinks in shapely glass wear


As you might guess from all the smiles and laughter on set, the video – directed by Declan Whitebloom (Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Sugarland, The Fray, One Direction) – was a blast to shoot. “We had a lot of fun shooting the video,” singer Phillip Sweet told PEOPLE, adding: “It captured the spirit and energy of the song.”


Insider Perspective


“There are always challenges when you’re on location outdoors,” says Art Director Graylan Franklin. “Miami has 248 sunny days out of the year, but of course, the day of our sunny beach shoot was forecasted as 75 percent chance of rain. Ever the optimists, we would have none of it! Luckily, we got the  perfect day we were hoping for.”


“We were all a bit relieved when we got down to the beach,” Prop Master Jerry Blohm recalls. “Naturally, everybody was over-the-moon about the car. How could you not love an El Dorado? Once they got down to the beach, we had a nice little private bar setup for them. The band was delighted with our choice of glass-wear and party gear, and very grateful for the chance to kick back and do some ‘day drinking’ for the rest of the shoot.”


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It was fortuitous that we happen to leave near the Wynwood Arts District, which had the perfect black-and-white striped backdrop for the band to shoot against. However, when our clients want the same look but are located across the country, we can always fabricate the same backdrop in our 3D custom printing studio.


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