Church Stage Design


Movie Prop Rentals is a leader in set design, whether for a major motion picture, commercial shoot, music video, special event, or church. Increasingly, our services have been solicited in the creation of thought-provoking, spirit-stirring backdrops for mega-church sermons, touring ministries, seminary talks, Christian rock concerts, and religious festival events. With decades of industry experience, we know what it takes to design and build a safe, effective setup that satisfies your needs, all within a reasonable budget.


What Makes Good Church Stage Design?


Church stage design is unlike other types of stage setups. You want a visually interesting space, but you don’t want overly thematic elements detracting away from the message. Most of the stage design for church we do focuses on a unique combination of silhouetted shapes and lighting. In a sense, church installations are closer to concert lighting than, say, a corporate event or awards ceremony.


Stage Design For Church Services


Movie Prop Rentals offers a full suite of a-la-carte services, including:

  • Church Stage Design
  • Stage Building
  • Stage Installation
  • Prop Curation
  • Prop Design
  • Prop Fabrication
  • Church Stage Decorating
  • Church Stage Lighting


Sometimes you need a stage setup that can travel with your touring ministry. If necessary, we can help you tear down your stage, store the components as long as necessary, transport them to a new location, and rebuild.


Church Stage Design Ideas


A spiritual presence manifests in different ways, depending on the individual, but we can help you create a universally appealing aesthetic. Our design experts will work with your budget and preferences to create a beautiful stage setting, whether you want something simple-yet-tasteful, or bold, exciting, and breathtaking.


Grand Church Stage Design


Some of the more elaborate church stage design ideas include:

  • Vatican-style architectural backgrounds
  • Giant-sized printouts of scriptural passages
  • Reproductions of Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam” painting
  • Supersized video screens to show elaborate productions you’ve created
  • Stained glass mosaics that look like the walls of an ancient church
  • Scenic backdropping with palms, sandstone, and Jesus’s tomb
  • Theatrical Middle Eastern buildings with rounded archways and upper balconies
  • Larger-than-life crosses, tastefully illuminated and central to the stage


Simple Church Stage Design


Simple church stage design can include:

  • Draping with different types of fabrics, complemented with flowers
  • Custom 3D-printed and painted geometric shapes, lit for dramatic effect
  • Custom 3D-printed and painted signage flanked by delicate white lights
  • An oversized and well-lit cross, central to the stage
  • Themed designs featuring the rising sun, doves, angels, or the North star


Seasonal Church Stage Designs


Seasonal church holiday displays are our specialty. For the Christmas season, do not underestimate the power of a natural wood backdrop, white birch trees with white lights, a matching wreath, fake snow, and a beautiful white cross. For Easter, you may want something more elaborate, like the tomb of Jesus in one section of the stage, the crucifix in another. We have all the architectural backgrounds and props you need to transport audiences back in time, while you deliver your sermon.


Serving All Denominations


We are an open-minded, friendly group of professionals. Many of the examples used here are Christian examples, but Movie Prop Rentals serves all church denominations, including Post-Christian, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Evangelical, and LGBT Unity churches. Contact Movie Prop Rentals for a free estimate on our set design services.