Broadway Set Design


Broadway set design has always been about creating versatile environments that razzle-dazzle audiences. One of the challenges you have with a Broadway set, versus your average theatre set, is that it has to move. There are so many elements to consider: stages may vary in width and depth, sightlines, wing, and fly space, capacity, and lighting. Versatility must be built into the design itself.

Increasingly, the glut of modern Tony Award-winning Broadway sets have continued to up the ante in what is possible and what is necessary to draw viewers into a spellbinding world– from the revolving turntables of history featured in Hamilton and the deconstructive descent into Hell during the production of Hadestown, to the eerie cinematic details that trick the imagination in The Humans and the eye-popping, shape-shifting set of Beetlejuice.

Here at Movie Prop Rentals, we understand how to build Hollywood-caliber sets that “wow” discerning Broadway audiences. We also provide top-level service that troubleshoots any hiccups along the way and smooths out all the details, so you can focus on delivering an impressive experience for your patrons.

Broadway Set Design Services


Choose some or all of our services related to Broadway sets:

  • Broadway Set Design Consultations— When you work with Movie Prop Rentals, you gain access to an experienced Production Designer and Art Director, as well as a full construction crew. We can assist with creative input to create a specific mood and artistic style, as well as any practical budgetary concerns.
  • Broadway Decorations and Props— We have two warehouses (located in Atlanta, GA, and Miami, FL) filled with tens of thousands of props that have been used in motion pictures, sold at auction, and on stage. Whatever we don’t have in-stock, we can custom-fabricate for you in our 3D printing studio.
  • Broadway MemorabiliaAudiences can’t get enough of popular productions like Rent, Fiddler on the Roof, Oklahoma, Les Mis, Cats!, Chicago, The Sound of Music, and others. Boost the nostalgia factor on your Broadway set design by using authentic memorabilia and high-quality, period-specific props.
  • Broadway Set Construction— We work safely, first and foremost, but we also work quickly and efficiently. Our solid team has been working together for so many years that it’s second nature. We invite you to dream big and go the extra mile. No job is too complex or too fanciful for our experienced crew.
  • Broadway Lighting and Special Effects— We do not offer lighting a-la-carte, but it is available should you need it when you partner with us for design services. Our special effects run the gamut from fake gunshots and smoke to bubbles and dramatic pyrotechnics.


Get a Quote on Broadway Set Design

If you have Broadway sets to design, contact Movie Prop Rentals for a free customized quote. Our team is led by Jerry Blohm and Grayson Franklin– two seasoned professionals who have worked in Hollywood, music video production, theatre set dressing and corporate events for several decades. We offer many in-house services that go over and beyond, helping you keep costs reasonable and making your set design process run smoother.