It would be nice to have a xenomorph puppet from the Aliens franchise, but not everyone has an extra $50,000 to $70,000 to spend. Even something small and less identifiable like a replica gun prop could easily cost $1,500. Many film buffs are looking for impressive and large statement pieces they can put on display in their homes or businesses, yet the original props cost well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Movie Prop Rentals is here to help, with realistic movie prop replicas that look and feel like the real thing from Hollywood. Our prop masters have worked on major motion pictures like Bad Boys, Into the Blue, Last of the Mohicans, and Jeepers Creepers before delving into prop rental services and custom client design work.


How We Make Movie Prop Replicas

Our state-of-the-art movie prop replicas are designed using 3D printing software and machines, then hand-finished to look like any material with an experienced artisan’s touch. Other materials like fabric, fur, scales, metal, or special effects lighting can then be added in the shop. Our talented crew has created original pieces for filmmakers, theater companies, music videos, TV commercials, corporate-sponsored events, weddings, and collectors.


We Make Horror Movie Prop Replicas and More!

Horror movie prop replicas are among our most-requested items– particularly for haunted houses, Halloween yard displays, niche museums, ghost hunting tours, and private collectors. We can recreate Freddy Krueger’s claws, Michael Myers’ mask, a life-sized Pumpkinhead, a chest-burster from Aliens, a Ghoulies or Gremlins puppet, a bust of Slimer, and many more choice items. If you’ve had a nightmare about it, chances are we can make a professional copy of it!


Life-Size Movie Prop Replicas

Let’s be frank: in Hollywood, the bigger, the better! Most people want life-size movie prop replicas or even larger-than-life props that can greet guests at the door or go out in the yard. We’ve created walk-through Egyptian temples, Alice’s Wonderland, six-foot-tall pieces of toast, Western saloons, UFOs the size of your car, and baby dinosaurs that’ll send chills down your spine. We specialize in enormous, eye-catching displays that work equally well for indoor or outdoor use.


Alien Movie Prop Replicas for Sale

Who doesn’t love a good James Cameron thriller? Alien Movie Prop replicas for sale include xenomorph skulls, life-sized queens and warriors, chest-bursters, face-huggers, spaceships, space cowboys, and weapons, to name a few items. Maybe you need a chair straight out of H.R. Giger’s museum. We’ve got you covered.


Marvel Movie Prop Replicas for Sale

Superhero movies are another genre with a large number of collectors. Marvel movie prop replicas for sale have been in hot demand, given the number of blockbuster films in recent years. Maybe you missed the bid on The Thing’s head from the 2005 Fantastic Four film, or perhaps you’ve just always wanted a Captain America shield. We can design the Infinity Wars glove worn by Thanos, an Iron Man helmet, Thor’s hammer, or the Eye of Agamotto necklace worn by Dr. Strange.


Contact Us For An Estimate On Movie Prop Replicas For Sale

We don’t have pre-fabricated movie prop replicas for sale, but we can whip up a custom order in a matter of days. Since every piece is 100% unique, we ask that you contact us to discuss what you had in mind. We work with budgets of every shape and size and are happy to discuss options to make the custom movie prop replica of your dreams affordable for you. We’ll ship anywhere in the USA and can even send a crew out to decorate your event, set, or home if necessary.