Personalized Yard SignsDrive by birthday party sign

The desire to celebrate runs deep, whether there is a global pandemic or not. Gigantic custom signage has emerged as one of the leading ways to say “I love you” or “I care about you” during the COVID-19 crisis. Yard greetings are socially distant ways to express care and concern, whether it’s for an important milestone or an everyday burst of kindness. Since the late 90s, Movie Prop Rentals has been on the leading edge of custom sign creation, creating movie-caliber, high-quality decorations that can withstand the elements.


Customized Yard Greetings for Special Occasions

Movie Prop Rentals can develop fun, colorful, generously sized signs for:


  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Graduations
  • Holidays
  • Job Promotion
  • New Baby
  • New Job
  • Retirement
  • Thank You
  • Welcome Home


We create signs that go above and beyond words to encompass any theme you’d like. People often select storks to go with a “new baby” sign, for instance, or grad caps for end-of-the-school-year messages.


Decorative Yard Signs Express Words of Encouragement During the Pandemic


drive by party barThese days, you may want to simply express a positive, encouraging message to your neighbors. Decorative yard signs will greet passersby with kindness and compassion. We’ve experienced an increased demand for signs with verbiage like: “Thank You, Essential Workers,” “Stay Safe,” “Thank You, Health Care Workers,” “Keep Calm, Smile On,” “Don’t Give Up,” “Everything Will Be Okay,” “Thank You, Heroes,” “Social Distance, Save Lives,” “This Family Stays Home,” “Virtual Hug,” “We Love Our Teachers,” or “We Are All In This Together.”


Decorative Garden Signs


With fewer events available, people are spending increasing amounts of time in their gardens. Decorative garden signs add that polished finishing touch and make heartwarming gifts. You may customize your sign with a person’s name or label precisely what you’re growing. Or you may borrow a popular saying such as: “Love grows here,” “Welcome,” “Life began in a garden,” “Plant smiles, grow love,” “Happiness is a garden,” “Gardening is cheap therapy,” “Free weeds, U-pick,” “Gardeners always know the best dirt,” “Every day is Earth Day,” “Imagine,” “Peace, Love, Grow,” “Stop and smell the roses,” “Gardeners learn by trowel and error,” “Life’s a garden, Dig it,” “Garden Goddess hard at work,” “Good thymes,” “My happy place,” or anything else you can dream.


How Our Outdoor Yard Signs and Decorations Are Made


Movie Prop Rentals owns a 3-D printing studio. We’ll send you a CAD-rendered image, so you can proof your signs before they are made. Next, we’ll fabricate it to whatever dimension you’d like using 3D printers. Once the foam has been printed, we’ll coat it in paints, textures, and sealants that can look like any material on earth. We are based in Miami, Florida, but ship anywhere in North America, from coast to coast.


Though production for this has increased since the coronavirus crisis, we have the capacity and talent to accommodate a quick turnaround. Contact us to discuss your needs.