Foam Letters and Numbers


Long gone are the days of flat, static signs that sink into the background. Oversized, eye-catching foam letters and numbers convey more dynamic messages, whether it’s an address, announcement, logo, or commissioned mural. 3D Foam Carving & Fabrication can manufacture custom foam letter signs and props, exactly to your size, depth, and aesthetic requirements. Our innovative approach allows us the ability to offer impressive visibility, despite deadline or financial constraints.


Custom Options For 3D Foam Letters and Numbers


3D letters come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and variations, depending on our clients’ diverse needs. Wall Mount letters and numbers are painted on the front face and along the sides. Full view letters and numbers are finished on all sides for the utmost durability and 360-degree functionality.

Additional choices can be made pertaining to:

  • Size: ranging from 3” to 60”, with thicknesses from 1” to 36”.
  • Font: including all Office fonts, as well as a handful of custom floor standing fonts not found elsewhere.
  • Color: any color you need is available, including glitter letters and numbers.
  • Coating: using high-quality custom coats or hardshell finishes selected for utility and durability.

All letters or numbers are custom-made using 20+ manufacturing steps using highly specialized equipment. Technology enables precision to exact specifications, but it’s often the custom hand-crafting and finishing work that yields the dazzling end results. Most orders are shipped within two weeks. We offer full-service setup assistance if needed.


Why Foam Letters?


Painted foam letters are one of the least expensive types of signage, which allows filmmakers, businesses, and individuals to go bigger and bolder with their projects. We can fabricate raw, unfinished numbers and letters for temporary use or displays where no one will touch them. Large foam letters can be protective-coated for increased durability and weather resistance. Foam letters are not only economical, but lightweight, easy to install, and effortless to move.

In summary, clients choose foam for:

    • Cost
    • Size
    • Depth
    • Lightweight
    • Easy setup
  • Customization
  • Durability
  • Quick fabrication time


Giant Foam Letters from 3D Foam Carving & Fabrication Make A BIG Impact


3D-printed and custom-carved giant foam letters and numbers are effective forms of communication for a wide range of applications, including: trade shows, events, visual marketing displays, retail promotions, weddings, anniversary and retirement parties, milestone birthdays, monument or address signs, and cinematic productions. Miami-based 3D Foam Carving & Fabrication is run by Jerry Blohm, an award-winning art director with more than 32 years of craftsmanship behind him. He’s worked with Paramount, Fox, Mercedes-Benz, Bacardi, and thousands of other household names. Increasingly, individuals are contacting Jerry to see their dreams realized as well.