Film Production Props

Props offer a sense of time, place, mood, style, and atmosphere. Movie Prop Rentals delivers high-quality film props fit for Hollywood, Broadway, corporate events, award ceremonies, and musical performances. Our clients run the gamut from visionaries who know exactly what they want, to dreamers who have a general idea but thrive on collaboration, to those in need of full-service art directing and set design.


Film Props: Our Specialty


Jerry Blohm and Graylan Franklin have worked on major motion pictures alongside Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer. We’ve dressed sets for top talent: Daniel Day Lewis, Will Smith, Jessica Alba, Burt Reynolds, and John Lithgow.
You’ll find our props and art direction in:

  • The Last of the Mohicans
  • Drop Zone
  • Bad Boys
  • Jeepers Creepers
  • Into the Blue
  • Miami Vice
  • Confessions of a Shopaholic
  • Step Up Revolution
  • From Justin to Kelly
  • America’s Most Wanted

Our prop warehouses in Atlanta, GA and Miami, FL are the culmination of 25+ years of thoughtful curation. We can dress any room of the house with modern elements or take you back to another time period. We can build the interior of an airplane, a construction site, a pirate shipwreck, or the inside of a winery. We’ve built Alice’s Wonderland, Candyland, and Storybook villages. We like to say we can build anything short of a rocket to outer space – and, in fact, we have built (non-fully-functioning) UFOs!


Custom Props for Film Production


If you can’t find the exact prop at the precise specifications you need, we can build it! In addition to the prop warehouses, Movie Prop Rentals owns a 3-D printed Foam Carving & Fabrication studio that custom-engineers realistic landscapes, film props, and structural sets out of foam core coated to look like any material under the sun.


3D-printed foam is flexible and lightweight – ideal for super-sized sets and props – but strong and durable once coated. We’ve done custom logos and amusement park signs. We’ve built beach bars and realistic busts of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Foam is commonly used to create old style cities and amusement park backgrounds. Foam movie sets have been used on some of the best productions in history, from Jaws, Star Wars, and Ghostbusters, to Harry Potter, The Matrix, and Lord of the Rings.


Whether indoor or outdoor, large or small, ornate or plain, we can design the right look for your film set at an affordable price. We understand the film industry inside and out, so there are no “rush” or overcharges when you work with our professionals. We’re here for you, 24/7, available to work anywhere in the USA.


How We Create Your Film Set Props


Our process begins with a brainstorming session and quote. You can even take a walk through our prop warehouses if you’d like. We can create drawings and sketches based on your descriptions.

We’ll transform your design into a Computer-Aided Design file compatible with our CNC routers and foam cutters. Once printed, each piece is then hand-carved, hand-painted, and hand-finished by expert artisans in our studio. Finishing options range from latex and automotive paints, to natural-looking materials and durable polyurea.

There is no better choice for detail-oriented film props, whether you need realistic rock, tree, and ice landscaping, a realistic figure or replica, or super-sized objects. We can find or fabricate almost anything within a week. Give us two weeks and we make the “impossible” possible.


Get a Quote for Props in Film


As the saying goes, “The devil’s in the details.” Don’t let a sparse set or improper prop depreciate the value of your production. We excel in problem-solving to help you achieve the look you envision without going over budget. Every project is unique. No budget is too big or too small for our crew. Contact us to get a quote for props in film.