Corporate Event Design

Effective corporate event design immerses guests into a memorable world, where they can have an unforgettable experience. Much like a wedding, you want to make a big impression and leave people talking about your brand. You want your rooms to look “put together” and “professional” – not random or cluttered. Jerry Blohm and Graylan Franklin have worked with hundreds of retailers, musicians, and film directors to bring unique visions to life. We have won multiple Clio Awards, as well as Golden Lions and Silver Palms at Cannes for art direction. Whether you have an idea of what you want already or you’re looking for the perfect theme, we are here to help make your next event the party of the year.

Do You Need Corporate Event Design?

Corporate event planners have a lot on their plate. Throughout the year, they may be in charge of:

  • Meeting
  • Conferences
  • Board retreats
  • Training programs
  • Focus group sessions
  • Holiday parties
  • Client hospitality
  • Product launches
  • Sales meetings
  • Seminars
  • Trade shows
  • Team building and leadership
  • Award ceremony dinners

The top reasons to consider hiring an outside corporate event design professional include:

  • To get more “bang for your buck” with bigger, bolder ideas that stay within budget
  • To gain unique, creative, and inspiring design ideas that are fresh to the organization
  • To see greater Return On Investment (ROI), with designs geared toward organizational and financial goals


Corporate Event Design Ideas

We arrive with a background in motion picture, music video, and retail commercial design that breathes fresh corporate event design ideas into your next event. We walk you through choices that may include:
stage design image

  • Corporate logo / branding opportunities – in entrances, walkways, steps, booths, or lounges
  • Networking & play opportunities – like Giant Chess or sports props
  • Intimate, out-of-this-world networking lounges – themed to your specifications
  • Décor from our prop warehouse – where we have tens of thousands of items
  • Lighted fabric tunnel runways – to add class and sophistication
  • Food presentation enhancements and staging style
  • Costumes and props for strolling entertainers
  • Room lighting, fabrics, and acoustics dampening


Corporate Party Themes

If you want corporate party themes, we’ve got all the props and design elements to immerse your guests into another world. Past event themes we’ve done include:

If you’re tired of the typical business event décor, go with an award-winning designer who has over 25 years of experience in motion pictures, theatre, commercials, and music videos. There are no limits to our décor design options. Whatever we don’t already have in stock, we can make – quickly, easily, and affordably – through our 3D Foam Carving and Fabrication house! ! We can go as big and bold as you’d like to make your next event truly unique and unforgettable – all within budget. Problem-solving is our strong suit. We are based in Miami, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia but will travel anywhere in the USA. We provide full-service design, fabrication, set-up, and tear-down for your convenience. Contact us to discuss your vision and gain insight into your next project.