Concert Props

Movie Prop Rentals not only services Hollywood with professional-caliber props, but we’ve worked with over 200 musicians from P. Diddy and Pitbull to Billy Joel and Kenny Chesney to find the perfect music video and concert stage props.

Collaborate with our innovative, award-winning art directors to develop the concept of your next tour, or schedule a walk-through of our enormous prop warehouses in Atlanta, GA and Miami, FL to find inspirational items that grab you. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we can design one-of-a-kind custom concert props for your performance in our 3D Foam Carving & Fabrication studio!

Props We’ve Gotguitar

Our prop warehouses are the culmination of more than 25 years of curation. We’ve got everything you can conceive of – from giant Easter Island statutes, Tikis, and full construction site gear, to glowing bull heads, genie lamps, and Asian pagodas. We can get you boats, beach bars, camp sites, jail cells, pirate treasure chests, UFOs, pyramids, mannequins, money, and more. View our inventory of concert stage props, schedule a tour of our warehouses to spark your imagination, or contact us to discuss your concept. Chances are, we know exactly the right statement pieces to use for your tour.


Props We Can Make

Our 3D Foam Carving & Fabrication studio has made everything from giant food and storybooks to Alice’s Wonderland and UFOs. Even if it’s just a larger-than-life band logo you seek, we can fabricate just about anything within a matter of weeks. The lightweight foam is ideal for transport, but the professional custom finishes take our props over-the-top, making them look like whatever material you want – from stone, brick, and wood, to flesh, fur, and scales. If you dream it, we can build it. Ask us about our custom concert props for a truly unique item of any size, scale, or dimension.

Remember these cool concert stage props?

The use of memorable props during concert stage shows is nothing new, but the best ideas are not soon forgotten. Remember these?

  • Pink Floyd’s Inflatable Pig – To promote the 1977 album Animals, bassist Roger Waters and artist Aubrey Powell wanted a giant inflatable PIG to float over London’s Battersea Power Station. Unfortunately, the idea exceeded the logistics, the tow line snapped during the final photoshoot, and the pig went floating off to the Heavens! The band decided to re-use the pig during their live tour.
  • The Flaming Lips’ Giant Hands – The props make this band a must-see live show. Once frontman Wayne Coyne crowd-surfed inside a giant inflatable hamster ball. Another time, giant papier-mâché hands with built-in lasers appeared on stage. The prop went missing during Western Australia’s Southbound Festival, but were soon recovered after organizers offered VIP tickets for their safe return.
  • The Decemberists’ Whale – Whenever the band plays “Mariner’s Revenge Song,” a giant fabric blue whale comes out to swallow the band whole. You’d be hard-pressed to find a review that doesn’t mention it.
  • Motley Crue’s “Cruecify” Roller Coaster – For your final tour, go big or go home. In 2014-2015, Tommy Lee defied the law of gravity by banging out his set affixed to a rotating wheeled platform that moved down a winding track of twisted steel. There was that moment where Lee got stuck upside-down and needed rescue, but what a show!
  • Rush’s Appliances – Geddy Lee from Rush likes to use household appliances like chicken fryers, toaster ovens, and washer/dryers on stage. Why? To poke fun at musicians with their huge amp stacks, of course!
  • Parliament Funkadelic’s Mothership – P-Funk was one of the first of many funk groups to incorporate sci-fi imagery into their live show and album concepts in 1974. The “mothership” flying saucer prop that lowered onto stage in a cloud of fog and sparks to release George Clinton inspired many an artist.

For some artists, the prop becomes an integral part of their identity. Slipknot wouldn’t seem right without the frightening horror masks. For Flava Flav, it was the giant-sized clock medallion that set him apart from other rappers of his day. Remember David Byrne’s “big suit”? Contact us to find your soul prop!


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