Theatre Props

Movie Prop Rentals specializes in life-like props that can be shot on film or used in live action performances. Our warehouses in Miami, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia contain tens of thousands of items curated over more than 25 years. Anything you need that we don’t currently have, we can make in our innovative 3D foam carving and fabrication studio. Our lead time ranges from one to four weeks to produce professional quality (and often super-sized) theatre props, unique to your production.


Choose From Our Theatre Prop Warehouse

Theatre props may include:

  • Furniture for every room in the house
  • Full architectural sets
  • Costume accessories
  • Time period set dressings
  • Room furnishings
  • Outdoor or indoor scenery
  • Simple budget-friendly backdrops
  • Special effects equipment
  • Time period items


hot dog stand
Some of our specialties include: modern housing, beach and pool items, airports, construction sites, outdoor street dressings, medieval, larger-than-life statues, military, restaurant, bar, vintage, sporting goods, and more. Whether you need a hotdog cart on a NYC street, a pirate shipwreck, or just a backdrop made of heavy red velvet draping, Movie Prop Rentals creates the look you need at a budget you can afford.

We Make Custom-Designed Theatrical Props, Too!

There are plenty of places offering theatrical props, but few who can deliver wide-ranging solutions for items not held in-stock. Movie Prop Rentals is part prop warehouse, part independent art director / production designer / set builder, and part prop fabrication. Our 3D foam carving and fabrication studio can make anything you need, to any size specification. Often, in our custom work, we find clients say, “The bigger, the better!” These unique, one-of-a-kind sceneries and props make a bold statement and won’t soon be forgotten.

Some of our recent projects include:

First, we speak with your team to determine exactly what is needed. From there, we sketch, create computer renderings, and send you a design proof. Once approved, we set to work, 3-D printing on foam, hand-carving, and custom-finishing the piece with paint and weatherproofing elements. We’ll send over photos to make sure the props are to your liking and ship them with our own insured trucks. If you need help with storage, setup, or teardown, we are always at your service.


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Our versatile team is proud to offer theatre stage props for every budget. We’ve worked with everything from school productions to Broadway. We will review your script and work closely with technical directors, stage managers, producers, and costume designers to curate the right props for your production. When necessary, we design, build, and teardown stages and sets. We provide theatre stage lighting as a value-enhancing add-on service for our theatre prop rental clients. No job is too big or too small for our seasoned professionals. Bringing visions to life is what we do! Contact us for a free quote.