Film Set Builds


A film set build construction company brings your ideas to life with experienced production designers and art directors who know how to make inexpensive, lightweight temporary modular materials look like real, permanent, high-end structures. Film sets are generally built on back lots or studio stages using minimal components that save construction time and cost. They can also be built in a studio, transported, and pieced together on-location wherever you’re filming. Naturally you’ll want a film set builder who prioritizes safety and security above all else to prevent accidents on-set.

Building a Film Set

The approach for building a film set varies from company to company, but generally, the industry uses 4×10 or 4×12 foot flats made of plywood that are aligned next to each other, taped, and dressed in spackle, paint, or wallpaper to create a wall. Flats are versatile enough to move around during production to get the perfect lighting or camera shot.

There are many tricks of the trade we can employ to make a minimalist set look amazing on screen:


  • hipster home film setAdding soffits, dormers, or recessed walls to make a space look more 3-dimensional and ornate
  • Plastering, painting, aging, and texturizing the walls to look more interesting
  • Designing surfaces clad in brick, marble, wood paneling, or stone facades or draping with fabric
  • Building flooring out of remnants of carpet, tile, linoleum, or wood laminate, using baseboards to hide seams
  • Choosing wall colors besides white – like dark beige – that are easier to light, with crown molding for accent
  • Skipping accessories that are unnecessary (for instance, using a simple shower curtain to suggest a tub)
  • Putting up walls without a ceiling to allow for light rigging and high camera angles
  • Placing trees or plants outside windows to add realism, incorporating frosting to diffuse or sharpen lighting
  • Constructing three wall sets or adding in movable wild walls to give the crew sufficient room to work
  • Mounting fixtures like door knobs, light switches, heater vents, and window casings to add realism


Why Choose Movie Prop Rentals  as Your Film Set Builder?

Art Directors Jerry Blohm and Graylan Franklin have decades of experience working on film, TV, commercial, theatre, and music video sets. They knows how to design and construct blockbuster motion picture sets, as well as low-budget feature film and indie production build outs. Jerry and Graylan are stationed in Miami, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia but travel across the country, wherever their expertise is needed. We offer more than your typical film set builder, with advanced in-house:
beach and mountains movie sscene

  • Prop rental – Our vast prop studio houses tens of thousands of furniture pieces and collectibles to dress your set to the max. With our astounding warehouse selection and art direction, we can work with your production team to transform a screenplay into reality. From time pieces like velvet thrones and antique vases, to construction site equipment and Egyptian temples, to modern living room furnishings and airplane seating, there is no limit to our film set construction
  • 3D foam fabrication – If we don’t have it, we can make it! There’s no limit to what realistic sets and props we can erect out of 3D-printed, hand-carved foam. We’ve built larger-than-life Candy lands, Giant Food islands, Alice’s Wonderland, and so much more. The foam can be hardened and weatherproofed for durability, and coated or painted to look like any surface you’d like. We can fabricate most items within two weeks and achieve “the impossible” in four to six weeks.

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Contact us for a free film set construction quote on your next project. Whether you know exactly what you want or you’re looking for suggestions from an experienced industry veteran, Jerry Blohm and Graylan Franklin are at your service with film set builds that look and feel like the real deal.