Set Design

For more than 25 years, Jerry Blohm and Graylan Franklin of Movie Prop Rentals have designed innovative and original sets that help to tell a story through the creation of time and space. Our sets have appeared in over a dozen blockbuster Hollywood films, indie shorts, 1,500 TV commercials, over 200 music videos, TV shows, and theatre performances from coast to coast. Set designs range from abstract to highly realistic, backed by our self-owned prop house and 3D foam fabrication studio. The possibilities are endless!


What makes an effective set design?

“I love working with a set designer because, in many respects, you meet the set designer before you meet the actors. So it’s a chance for me as a director to figure out what I’m thinking and to explore how the space is going to actually be activated.” – Playwright and Director George C. Wolfe
The most effective set design is in the eye of the beholder, but we can all agree upon several principles:

  • The sets use a variety of materials – from wood, paint, and foam, to metal, glass, and fabric.
  • Doors, windows, and architecture is positioned for maximum visibility to the audience.
  • Carefully selected pops of color are used to indicate mood, time period, and artistic style.
  • Subtle items are placed to indicate period and location, without overwhelming the scene.
  • A truly remarkable set illuminates, not dominates – so, when in doubt, less is best.
  • In some mediums (like theatre), the set must be easily moved and manipulated.
  • The best sets complement the costumes and the lighting, in deliberate contrast.
  • If necessary, well-built sets can indicate time of day, weather, or even advance the plot.

Most importantly, the most “effective set design” is the one that speaks to the director’s artistic vision. We have worked with everyone from Jerry Bruckheimer to Pitbull to Mercedes Benz. We know how to bring a big idea to life in a practical, affordable, and mind-blowing manner.

Types of Set Design

Different types of sets need to function in different ways. Some film sets may require 360 degrees of reality, while other sets for stage or theatre need to be portable and movable at a moment’s notice. A music video set may function for a few seconds, whereas a Hollywood film set may need to last for months on a production. You can relax, knowing that we’ve handled it all.

Movie Set Design

We’ve worked on sets with stars like Daniel Day Lewis, Will Smith, and Jessica Alba, and we’ve also helped out with college projects. We approach every movie set design project, no matter how big or how small, with creativity, ingenuity, and passion.

Scenic Design

Our scenic design includes commercials, music videos, and TV productions. From Pepsi, to Lil’ Wayne, to Graceland, our experience is varied. We can create indoor or outdoor sets and incorporate dramatic elements like fire, water, or bubble foam. If you can dream it, we can build it – like the 7,300 pound floating skate ramp we constructed for Bob Burnquist and Visit California.

Theater Set Design

We are members of the Studio Mechanics Local of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees as a Prop Master and Set Decorator. We bring all the architecture, scenery, furniture, and props needed to make your  theatre set design a success. It can be hard to find that experienced hand that flexes with your vision, but once you do, it’s a magical phenomenon. It’s not uncommon to have set designers working with particular directors or production houses for decades.

Set Design Services

set being built
Set design is a valuable service in itself, but many clients operating on tight budgets need to know that the sets can be built as well. Our crew provides full-service set construction and tear-down, as well as design.

We are based in Florida and Georgia, but bring elaborate sets and trucks full of props to any of the 50 U.S. states. Our full-scale scenes are erected quickly and efficiently every time, without fail.

Have questions about set design and construction for your next project? Contact the crew at Movie Prop Rentals for details.