Pop Up Shop


The first moment a person steps inside your pop up shop is everything. You only get one chance to make a first impression and capture a prospect’s interest to continue shopping and interacting with your brand. Whether you have a specific pop-up shop concept in mind or you’re just starting to imagine the possibilities, hiring a professional designer assures that all of your bases are covered to maximum effect and within budget.


“Emerging trends like cashier-less checkout, pop-up stores and data-driven merchandising are causing retailers to reimagine the retail experience for modern consumers,” according to eMarketer. Entrepreneurs process some $10 Billion-a-year through retail pop-up stores each year, proving that these exciting-yet-fleeting mobile units are more than a passing phase.  


What Does It Take to Design a Pop Up Shop or Pop Up Event?


Movie Prop Rentals is a full-service design enterprise that offers:

  • Conceptualization brainstorming, artistic sketches, and CAD renderings
  • Pop-up shop construction, installation, teardown, and storage
  • Furniture, artwork, and prop rental
  • Custom sign, design, and prop fabrication using 3D printing technology and expert craftsmanship
  • Lighting installation
  • Merchandising placement
  • Technology integration


We’ve built sets for major motion pictures, music videos, and retail commercials. Our clients are names you know – like Michael Bay, Flo Rida, and Chrysler.


When you hire Movie Prop Rentals for your pop up shop, you can count on a design that goes above and beyond expectations, using every available resource, and making the impossible possible.


We designed and built a floating skate ramp for Bob Burnquist; we can do anything!


Pop Up Shop Ideas


No two pop up shop ideas are exactly alike. We customize every design with client-specific insight. We’ve built storybook villages, Alice’s Wonderland, giant food, location-specific landmarks, and animal statues all from scratch.


We keep tabs on the inspiring designs happening around the world, like:


Need Support for Your Short-Term Pop Up Event?


Many of the pop up events we do are in conjunction with larger events, citywide festivals, holidays, or short-term happenings. Movie Prop Rentals is happy to accommodate your needs. We ship all sets, props, lights, and personnel from our home bases in Atlanta, Georgia and Miami, Florida – anywhere in the USA. We complete all installation and teardown services for your pop up event space, and can store your project for a set amount of time if you have another event lined up for a future date.

Affordable Pop Up Event Spaces


You don’t need a $43 million pop up like Samsung to make an impact. Although, if you need that, we can do it, too!


If you’re looking for something flexible and affordable immediately, you might try:

  • Our pre-assembled pop up shops for rental, fully furnished and fully branded.
  • Pop up event tents for business with draping, furniture, and custom signage.


Few people understand the need to work within a set budget better than TV/film professionals. We’re continually problem-solving to overcome design challenges faced by shrinking resources. We know how to bring your BIG ideas to life, without spending every penny.


Don’t Just Dream, Go For It!


Contact Movie Prop Rentals to learn more about pop up shop and event design, or to request your fun brainstorming session and free quote.