Scenic Design


Movie Prop Rentals delivers top-caliber scenic design that meets the most discerning standards. Our work has been featured in major Hollywood pictures, award-winning TV series, thousands of television commercials, hundreds of music videos, as well as theatre productions big and small. We have home bases in Atlanta and Miami, but travel across the country, wherever our expertise is needed. Movie Prop Rentals started out with a small prop warehouse and art direction team and grew to include coveted, cutting-edge technology like 3D foam carving and fabrication, larger-than-life fantasy builds, and automated platforms. No idea is too outrageous. We make the “impossible” possible!

What Is Scenic Design?dudewith a surf board on beach

The basic scene design definition is “the creation of scenery for television, film, and stage.” That’s one simple way to put it! To the expert veterans with over 25 years of experience at Movie Prop Rentals, scenic design is about pulling together the details that give us a captivating sense of time, space, and style. Our team comes from many backgrounds, with Bachelor’s degrees in Film and Engineering. We translate sketches, artistic renderings, storyboards, CAD models, or scripts into stunning, realistic sets.


Types of Scenic Backgrounds

We create scenery backgrounds for:

  • TheatreThe right scenic background distinguishes the onstage action from the offstage realms. We use floor treatments, flats, drapes, platforms, foam fabrications, turntables, and lighting to differentiate the acting space, according to your vision and script. Our scenic design plans cover all stationary set items like furniture and flats, choreography of moving parts from onstage to offstage positions, the sectioning off of different spaces onstage, and the creation of differing elevations for dramatic effect. Our prop warehouse holds a vast array of items and furnishings collected over the decades to provide the finishing touches that makes your production look truly polished and professional. Through lighting and form, we evoke a mood, even before the actors appear onstage.


  • TVScenic design for television runs a broad gamut from more minimalist sets for talk shows, late night TV, and news, to more elaborate sets of commercials, sitcoms, or series. We’ve got flats, furniture, draping, screens, and lighting for the simple stuff; but if you’re looking for over-the-top, look no further than our Custom 3D Foam Carving and Fabrication studio, where we can build anything you can dream. We’ve made giant-sized logos, life-like busts of Arnold Schwarzenegger, floating skateboarding half-pipes, and Alice’s Wonderland. With thousands of commercials under our belt, you can count on us to set the scene with imaginative backdrops unlike anything audiences have seen before.


  • FilmOur role on a film set greatly depends upon the director we’re working alongside. If we’ve got an iconic director with a strong visual style, we take more of a backseat role to breathe life into their precise vision. If we’re working with a rookie indie director, we can lend a hand with brainstorming, story boarding, and coordinating with different departments, from lighting to costuming. Our team has worked in studios and on location. We collaborate closely with cinematographers to build for the shot and thoughtfully dress the set for maximum effect.


Custom Scenic Fabrication & Design

Our in-house design team at Movie Prop Rentals can build amazing environments that look lifelike. Once the foam is printed, we can finish it to look like wood, metal, stone, skin, or whatever material you need. Our most common requests are corporate logos, signage, and props, but we can go big and bold. Whether you need a UFO, a castle, Candy Land, or a giant piece of toast, no request is too bizarre! We take an individualized approach to scenic fabrication, mixing passion with technology for a custom project that surpasses your greatest expectations. Contact Movie Prop Rentals for a free quote on our services.