Trade Show Exhibit Design

Movie Prop Rentals is a full-service trade show exhibit design and build team based in Miami, Florida. Our unique talents have taken us from coast to coast, where we’ve worked with everyone from Jerry Bruckheimer and Pitbull, to Sony and the History Channel. Run by visionary Art Director Jerry Blohm and Prop Master Graylan Franklin, our motto is that no dream is too big, too bold, or too impossible to tackle. Working under deadline pressure or on a tight budget? We can work with you to ensure your next trade show is a memorable success.


Trade Show Exhibit Design Ideas & So Much More!


You may contact us for all your trade show needs:


  • Trade show exhibit design consultations – Our experienced, knowledgeable team of creative art directors can help you devise the perfect attention-grabbing strategy that best highlights your products or services. Initial consultations are entirely free of charge, so don’t hesitate to reach out. If you decide to work with us, we’ll provide photo and CAD rendered mockups for review before getting started.


  • Booth creation and custom work – We own a warehouse with tens of thousands of unique props (many of which have been used in major motion pictures, theatre performances, TV commercials, and music videos). If we don’t have what we need, we can make it at our 3D-printing and foam carving studio. Everything is done in-house rather than outsourced, so quality and satisfaction are guaranteed.


  • Special effects – Movie Prop Rentals has everything you need, including all manners of lighting, audio equipment, flat-screen TVs, cables, smoke effects, pyrotechnics, and bubble machines. Check with trade show organizers to be sure your creative sensory effects are allowed. If necessary, we can secure local permits to allow your show to proceed as planned.


  • Shipping, install, and teardown – We ship everything to your location, anywhere in the United States. Our team of designers and insured crew will arrive on-site to do all the constructing and arranging to your exacting specifications. Once the show is over, we pack up the items and transport them either back to the warehouse or a location of your choice– if you have decided to purchase the items for future use.


Trade Show Exhibit Booths We’ve Designed


For their debut at the Central Florida Fairgrounds, Wolfbane’s Lucky Elixir wanted a trade show exhibit booth reminiscent of creepy 1920s sideshows. We created custom paneling for their booth designed to look like vintage posters. The display was augmented with curio cabinets stocked with ancient-looking potion bottles. We stained tigerwood cabinets with a gorgeous cherry finish and added decorative 3D-printed molding that blended seamlessly once coated.


We designed trade show exhibit displays for the Better Trades Super Summit in Orlando while working with Euro RSCG Worldwide to create a professional but sporty look that would appeal to Jimmy Johnston fans. We set up a four-panelist sportscaster table like you’d see for a major network broadcast. Giant projection screens flanked the sides of the speaking area, while a series of flat-screen computer monitors added a high-tech aesthetic to the circular “sports bar” zone. Several stage areas allowed for entertaining groups of people with presentations that included professional stage lighting and sound.


Gro-Well wanted “the ultimate backyard” with a delightful country garden for their display at a trade show in Las Vegas– a city where everything is done to excess! We installed two wide-screen video monitors in the windows of our “house” and displayed branded signage on a white picket fence. There was a Southwest rock garden bed with cacti and plants, an actual tree carted in, fountains, trellises, a stone walkway, shrubs and flower beds, and grass surfaces throughout. Seating, storage, and product demo areas were woven into the layout, as was an Organic Lemonade Stand for added charm.


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Our team of experienced trade show exhibit builders can create a setting with any theme of your choosing. Our ability to construct environments to exact size specifications through 3D printing sets us apart from other companies. We’ve built Alice’s Wonderland, Egyptian temples, castles, haunted graveyards, Candyland, Wild West saloons, Tiki Bars, and so much more. Let us know your space requirements, general ideas, and budget, and we’ll design a trade show that allows for clear presentation and intrigue.