The PGA Tour video game franchise is renowned for releasing tantalizing trailers that get people revved up and ready to play. Their latest offering for PlayStation and Xbox is no exception—and Movie Prop Rentals is proud to be a part of it!

About the Promo

The 2K23 ad provides hints about some of the upgrades–like the ability to play as basketball legend Michael Jordan or Lydia Ko, 20 new real-world courses, and player-created course designs. The upgrades also include an exciting partnership with Topgolf that brings the iconic 3-click gamified driving range system right to your living room.

It’s a well-paced, visually pleasing blend of superstar cameo and virtual gameplay culminating in the grand finale: Tiger Woods sitting atop a golf club throne created exclusively for the ad by Movie Prop Rentals. Naturally, the throne has picked up a tremendous amount of buzz–and rightfully so! Take a look!

What We Did

Our team is a one-stop shop for set construction. If you have the vision, we will make it happen. First, Movie Prop Rentals created the golf club throne design using 3D modeling software to allow the client to choose between different variations. Once the design was chosen, we began printing, carving, painting, and assembling the throne. Our team transported it to the set on the day of the shoot, along with a few other props–a stuffed tiger, a red PGA Tour 2K putting green flag, golf carts, clubs, and chairs. When filming was complete, we packed up all our gear and took it back to the warehouse.

Insider’s Perspective

“We considered a couple of different designs for 2K23,” explained Movie Prop Rentals’ co-founder and art director Graylan Franklin. “One had a real cushy seat–another had Tiger sitting in a hollowed-out golf ball. Ultimately, everyone liked the gritty Game of Thrones design. We felt it had the appropriate gravitas for a seasoned champion. You’d guess the throne weighed 800 pounds by looking at it, but we’re masters of tricking the eye.”

“We’ve done a lot of really cool golf collaborations over the years,” said Jerry Blohm, co-founder and prop master, “We fabricated custom Lamborghini golf carts for a DJ Khaled and Justin Bieber music video, and we created a full mini golf course for two Rickie Fowler Rocket Mortgage commercials. We designed all the sets for Golf Galaxy’s Better Your Best ad. This wasn’t the first time we’d crossed paths with Tiger Woods, but it was nice to finally build him the throne he deserves!”

Contact Movie Prop Rentals and Be King for a Day!

Wars have been waged over who gets to sit atop the iron throne—but with Movie Prop Rentals a mere phone call away, you could be sitting atop a custom throne next week. Need a castle to go with your throne? We can build that, too. No job is too big or too small for our crew of former Hollywood set directors and prop masters. We specialize in custom props made to order. Also, our Miami warehouse offers tens of thousands of professional props for rent or purchase that can ship anywhere in the US. Contact us for a free quote.