Theatre Set Design

scene at the theatreMovie Prop Rentals knows that theatre set design doesn’t exist in isolation – but, rather, it’s a facet of theatre that must work with the script, lighting, and costumes to enhance the overall production. Through effective theatre design, we create the mood, composition, and focus needed to make a strong impression on audiences.

We can help you develop a strong creative vision and bring it all to life. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients over the past few decades, including big names in Hollywood (like Jerry Bruckheimer), big names in music (like Billy Joel), and big names in business (like Bacardi). Our designs are suitable for the most discerning standards.

Movie Prop Rentals consists of two award-winning art directors, a production designer, a construction foreman, and an able-bodied crew. Our enterprise includes a design center, construction studio, prop warehouse, and custom 3D print studio. We have roots in Miami and Atlanta and we’ll travel anywhere our services are needed.

Theatre Set Design Tells a Story

Your theatre set design must tell a story. Our team meets with you to get a strong understanding of your production’s requirements. We have an excellent working knowledge of theatre. We know how to maximize the view from various sight lines, mask entrances and exits for the actors, create sturdy scenery that moves effortlessly, and how to dress a set to enhance the onstage effort.

We Provide Comprehensive Theatre Set Services

Movie Prop Rentals isn’t your typical design firm! In addition to theatre set design services, we also offer:

Some people come to us for ideas on how to deck out their productions. Others may require the whole kit-and-kaboodle, with assistance implementing their plans.

Theatre Stage Design for Every Budget

You can be innovative and original, without spending a fortune. For smaller theatre stage design budgets, we go back to old school principles. Prior to the Renaissance, only the rear wall of the theatre was decorated. During the Renaissance period, painted backdrops met with basic construction flats, angled wings, and perspective scenery to focus the eyes on a more visually-rich environment. Historically accurate prop arrangement can add a great deal to your production, without much expense.

Modern, larger budget theatrical set design ranges from abstract to highly realistic, with designers showcasing stunning concepts, modern techniques, and unusual materials to draw audiences into the production. Shifting lights, multi-level platforms, rotating stage components, incredibly imaginative custom works of art, and digital technology can all be used to make your production one-of-a-kind. Our custom fabrication is well-suited for oversized productions that reach from floor to ceiling to build the illusion.

Contact Movie Prop Rentals to discuss your theatre set design project. If you’re happy with our work, be sure to inquire about our long-term partnerships.