Stage Props


Not everyone is born a master of stage props. As one prop master put it: “Prop work is a great fit for the rare individual who’s an expert at knots, firearms, cars, and making things out of tape.” We’re resourceful visionaries who intuitively know what you need and where to get it. We are safety experts with an eye for detail. Whether we’re working with actors, musicians, directors, producers, corporate executives, or event organizers, we bring a “can-do” attitude and sense of professionalism in everything we do. Contact Movie Prop Rentals for dependable stage prop rental and custom prop fabrication that meets the highest standards.


Tens of Thousands of Stage Props


Our collection of stage props has gotten so large and our services have been in such high demand nationwide, we had to expand from our original prop warehouse in Miami, Florida to a secondary location in Atlanta, Georgia. Over the past few decades, we’ve curated tens of thousands of the best professional stage props, ideal for Broadway, Hollywood, or any other kind of special event. We’ve decked out weddings, corporate retreats, anniversary parties, milestone birthdays, music video sets, trade show booths, citywide festivals, and TV commercial sets.

Some of our niche specialties include unique stage props for countless themes like:


Most of the time, you don’t just need to rent props. You need an experienced art director who can bring all the pieces together in a meaningful way, with the right lighting to highlight each curated piece for your audience. When you hire Movie Prop Rentals, you get the services of an award-winning art director, production designer, construction foreman, and installation crew. We can also help you with audio and lighting equipment to go along with your stage installation and prop rental services. If you need even more, we are custom foam carving and fabrication artisans who transform visions to reality using the latest materials, finishes, and 3-D modeling techniques.

Expert Designed Custom Stage Props

Movie Prop Rentals is a top source of custom stage props and special event statement pieces all over America. When American Airlines Center in downtown Miami wanted a life-sized replica of NBA star Duane Wade to commemorate his retirement, we 3-D printed and finished it with stunning realism. We made kid-sized food-trucks for Morning Star, six-foot golden elephants for a DJ Khaled/SZA collaboration, and a walk-through Egyptian Temple for a New Year’s Eve party. Whatever you can dream, however big you want it, we can do it.


Within two weeks, we can make “the impossible” happen, so don’t fret if you’ve been looking for that one perfect stage prop to no avail; CALL US! We do everything – the design work, 3-D printing, carving, finishing, shipping, and installation — in-house, so there are no hiccups in workmanship and no delays between steps. These props are yours to rent or purchase. Contact Movie Prop Rentals for a free, no-obligation quote.