TV Set Design

Graceland TV Ad for USA networkTelevision, as in film, relies heavily on prop curation to deliver the right time period, mood, and atmosphere. What would “Game of Thrones” be, for instance, without its iconic throne, banners, and dragon eggs? Movie Prop Rentals’ enormous prop warehouse, with tens of thousands of items, is at the heart of our TV set design business, but it’s far from all that we do.

When you work with our experienced team, you get two award-winning art directors, a production designer, a construction foreman, and an able-bodied crew at your disposal. We take your vision, your script, or even just your half-baked idea and transform it into a jaw-dropping physical reality. We are well versed in every type of production, from talk show sets and on-location TV news broadcasts, to movie-quality blockbuster series and $5 million Super Bowl ads.

TV Set Design That Sets the Bar Higher


These days, everybody wants the next high-quality, movie-caliber show with millions of viewers. Sets for “The Walking Dead,” “Vikings,” or “Breaking Bad” bear little resemblance to typical TV sets; they’re much more like major motion picture sets. We’re creating a sense of time, place, and purpose with each item selected. In some cases, we’re building apocalyptic forts, castles, or science labs on the spot. Our team has Hollywood experience, having dressed the sets of beach hangouts for “Into the Blue,” police stations for “Bad Boys,” 1756 outposts for “Last of the Mohicans,” and roadside diners for “Jeepers Creepers.”

TV Commercial Set Design


Commercials are our bread-and-butter and we’re used to working with top talent like LeBron James, Jennifer Lopez, and Tiger Woods. We’ve coordinated with a number of different agencies, including Richards Group, Zimmerman, Razorfish, Leo Burnett, Doner, BBDO NY, Lowe Strateus, as well as production companies like Supply & Demand, Backyard, Wondros, Smuggler, The Gang, Oil Factory, and Park Productions. Directors like Chace Strickland, Mike Shapiro, Rian Johnson, Raymond Bark, Adam Jones, and Sean Thonson have worked with us time and time again. See our demo reel for a taste of what we do best.
We’ve designed and built sets for more than 1,500 commercials:


Talk Show Set Design


Talk show sets need to be intimate and comfortable. Sets may require round tables for group discussions or seats angled toward one another for casual discussions. The set should be unique, branded, and recognizable, but not so flashy it detracts from the personalities on the show. We bring more than 30 years of television expertise, but we’re open to any ideas you have.

TV News Set Design


Our TV news set design supports your content, rather than competing with it. Our design-build team collaborates with your news station to complete installation in a timely, efficient manner. We can develop main anchor areas, locker room standups, custom drop-down panels, and a broad range of lighting effects. Constructing custom scenic elements is one of our strong suits you won’t find everywhere.


Television Studio Set Design


We’ve worked on the sets for “Power” (Starz), “Graceland” (Fox TV Studios), “America’s Most Wanted” (Fox TV Studios), “Super Force” (Premiere/Viacom), “Swamp Thing” (USA), “Super Boy” (CBS), “Villa Paraiso” (Telemundo), and “Alaskan Women Looking For Love” (TLC). From painted flats and replica sets, to fantasy builds and on-location set dressing, we know our way around a big studio production.

Working on TV set design isn’t for everyone. Compared to film, it’s a much faster pace with more moving parts that may change with each episode. Here at Movie Prop Rentals, we have the flexibility and can-do attitude necessary for quality collaboration that fulfills the demands of your production. We’re based in Atlanta, Georgia and Miami, Florida, but happily travel anywhere in the USA, where our services are needed. Contact us for a free quote!

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