Architectural Molding and Trim


Here at Movie Prop Rentals, architectural molding and trim are more than a transitional strip of wood to cover the seams of a room. It can be a crucial detail that breathes realism and beauty into your backdrop– whether you’re filming a major motion picture, putting on a Broadway show, filming a music video, a commercial, or decking out your space for a private party. Even on a budget, elegant trim can make the difference between an amateur aesthetic and a truly polished, finished setting that captivates the imagination. Contact our craftsmen for a custom quote.

architectural trim for movie sets

Do You Need Architectural Molding?

Architectural molding has a number of applications outside of a commercial or residential building. If, for example, you’re producing an ad backdrop, you’ll need your environment to look like the real deal. As the saying goes, “The devil is in the details.” Trim immediately defines a space and indicates how it’s supposed to feel. Without it, the space is like a blank canvas. A subtle addition of crown molding to a dining room transforms the whole setting from ordinary to exquisite, without an exorbitant price tag.


Millwork trim added to an exterior façade can date the house back to 1880 when elaborate high Victorian milling gained popularity in Queen Anne and Eastlake estates. Molding can be an indication not just of the time period but of class as well, with upper-crust princes, princesses, wealthy business moguls, and high society paying for ornate custom woodworking.


Types of Architectural Molding


We fabricate most of our architectural molding out of 3D-printed foam that is hand-carved and finished to look like any type of material. It’s lightweight and inexpensive, yet extremely durable once coated in polyurethane. We can make virtually any style you see and love. Simply show us a photo, and we’ll emulate it. Our team works on-demand and ships anywhere in America out of our Miami, Florida-based warehouse.


Some of the most popular trims include:


  • Stucco Trim – Stucco or plaster trim provides a finished, classy look to your set. The fire-retardant trim performs well in hot climates, reduces noise, and goes up relatively quickly.


  • Millwork Trim – Millwork refers to any woodwork produced in a mill. Historic millwork is common to Victorian, Arts and Crafts, and Period Revival style architecture. The Golden Age of historical millwork is widely considered to be from 1870 to 1940.


  • Interior Architectural Trim – “Trim” is a sweeping term covering baseboards, crown molding at the ceiling, door and window casings, chair rails, built-in bookshelves, mantels, and wainscoting on the inside of an estate. Interior architectural trim fits formal and casual interiors. Installed in any part of the home, crown molding and a bold coat of paint can completely change the room’s look without a complete renovation.


  • Exterior Decorative Trim – Styles of decorative exterior molding include gingerbread trim, dentil molding, gable pediment, crown molding, columns, and pilasters. These hallmarks of a formal home can be used to quickly and easily enhance the beauty of your set, too.


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Though the styling can be intricate, the best architectural molding and trim blends in with the larger picture to produce a polished design. The work of Movie Prop Rentals has been featured in Hollywood movies, Broadway productions, Fortune 500 commercials, Top 40 music videos, and celebrity-studded events. If you want the very best in architectural trim, call our professionals.