Music Video Set Design

When top music artists want the best sets and over-the-top props for their videos, they call Movie Prop Rentals. We work with clients to ensure the best layout for the set of their video production and make sure everything will fit just right on the sound stage. With a unique background in major motion pictures and TV commercials, Art Directors Jerry Blohm and Graylan Franklin bring all the skills you’d expect from true professionals – passion, attention to detail, and precision.

What Makes A Great Music Video Production?

A thoughtful music video production can be created for anyone, whether your budget is big or small. We always start with the gems a particular shooting location has to offer. Looking around and recognizing opportunity in the moment has produced some of the best shots, without costing anything. A silhouette over a white sheet, fabric draped over a back wall, a giant logo, or colored lights can all make the right background for a client. The right prop can make the set – whether it’s a red velvet couch, a knight in shining armor, a life-sized Tiki statute, or a giant lollipop. Since we own our own prop house with thousands of items curated over the years, you’re bound to find the perfect elements to make a statement.

For bigger budgets, we can build entire rooms from scratch or put you inside an airplane set. Our art direction team works alongside directors with storyboards, sketches, and scripts to ensure every set is dressed for full effect. We plan out every aspect of the shot – backdrops, accessories, furniture, colors, props, and video lighting. With some of the rap videos we’ve done, the props were key – be it classic cars, bling, champagne, cash money, or another status symbol. Our custom 3D Foam Fabrication and Carving Studio can make literally anything you can imagine. We’ve designed Alice’s Wonderland and larger-than-life Candylands.

Music Video Design Clients

We’ve worked on over 200 music videos over the years. Some of our clients’ names you may recognize:

  • Sean Kingston
  • Shane Drake
  • T-Pain
  • Timbaland
  • Travis Tritt
  • Trey Songz
  • Toby Keith
  • Trina

Renowned as organized, precise, and charismatic visionaries, we can make your dreams come to life or pitch an unforgettable music video background set if you’re fresh out of ideas.

Contact Movie Prop Rentals for Music Video Art Direction

Don’t let the name fool you. We are so much more than a movie prop warehouse! For more than two decades, we’ve provided art direction, set design, set construction, 3D custom fabrication, and lighting, as well as prop staging, to the stars. We can do anything short of rocket science for your next music video. We have home bases in Atlanta, Georgia and Miami, Florida, and travel all across the U.S., wherever the wind blows us. Consider working with a powerhouse in the music scene on your next shoot. Contact Movie Prop Rentals to get in touch with award-winning professionals with a “can do” attitude and a wealth of in-house resources.