Foam Props


Looking to make your next artistic project or event an unforgettable affair? Movie Prop Rentals has all you need to create a statement that audiences will be talking about for years. Our custom foam props have been used in everything from major motion pictures, corporate events, and amusement park scenery, to theatrical productions, movie theatre displays, and weddings.


Find It or Design It!


With thousands of foam props already made and ready to go, chances are, you’ll find a statement piece that appeals to your sensibilities. If you can’t find what you need in our catalogue, we can make almost anything you need within two to three weeks. We make “the impossible” possible in four to six weeks.


Why Foam Props?


We own a warehouse with tens of thousands of actual props made from various materials like fabric, metal, plastic, wood, rubber, and more. Yet, in our opinion, nothing beats a realistically-fabricated foam prop.

3D-Printed Foam can be fabricated to:


  • Any scale or dimension.
  • Exacting specifications in color and shape.
  • Possess superior durability with hard-coating and shiny lacquers.
  • Versatile design aesthetics to look just like metal or wood, but weighs a fraction as much.
  • Affordable price-points with options based on object volume, raw material, and hand-finishing.


We Specialize in Giant Foam Props and Foam Stage Props


Giant Foam Props – “Go big or go home.” Our giant foam props have included candy, food, plants, animals, and corporate logos ranging from six to ten feet tall. It’s hard not to be awestruck by a prop so big, honestly! Our scenic foam props put you in any landscape – be it mountains, deserts, waterfalls, forests, or something even more exotic. Step back in time, or propel the imagination forward into the future.

Foam Stage Props – Foam stage props are ideal for concerts, dance recitals, theatrical productions, corporate events, magic shows, sporting events, and traveling acts. We combine precise technical design with artistic handcraftsmanship to produce stellar results, whether you’re looking from afar or up-close. Ask about our custom lighting and special effects add-on packages to ensure your custom props get the spotlight they deserve.


Custom Foam Props Expand the Boundaries of The Imagination


We’ve had the pleasure of working on some truly astonishing projects over the years. We’re here to help make your endeavor a HUGE success, whether you have a very specific vision in mind or you’re looking for creative, envelope-pushing ideas from visionary artisans. We’ve made custom, permanent signage for amusement parks, as well as short-term trade show exhibits designed to make a BIG impact. The bigger, the bolder, the better!


Among our favorite custom foam props are: Egyptian temples, Alice’s Wonderland, Candyland, Storybook Land, spooky Halloween beach bars, giant foods, replicas of famous monuments like the Eiffel Tower and the Easter Island statues, UFOs, desert landscapes, dinosaurs, and pirate ships.


Working with Movie Prop Rentals for Foam Props Is Easy As 1-2-3!


  1. Your experience with Movie Prop Rentals starts with a dynamic brainstorming consultation, where we listen carefully to your needs, and jump in with decades’ worth of set design expertise if needed. We’ve worked on major motion pictures, touring theatrical shows, commercials, music videos, corporate events, and high-profile celebrity galas.
  2. We procure the props you need from our warehouse or fabricate custom props in our studio. We’ll show you the CAD renderings as a proof, print out the props on high-density foam, and finish the process with hand-carving, painting, and durability coatings. We’ll make sure you’re thrilled with our work before shipping.
  3. If you want next-level service, we’re happy to come out to your location to complete full-service set dressing, installation, teardown, and storage for your event. Our foam props are guaranteed to last, so you can rent the props or keep them, whichever arrangement you prefer in your contract.


Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote to get the ball rolling and take your vision one step closer to reality.