Movie Props


Many moving parts must come together to create a memorable motion picture, but increasingly, we find movie props are what have the most iconic staying power in the memory. A collection of props gives us a sense of time, place, and class. On a deeper level, props indicate a character’s persona, the mood of the film, or the director’s aesthetic, and can be used to advance the action within the plot.


What will be your quintessential movie icon? Find your film props here at Movie Prop Rentals, where we’ve spent more than two decades curating and creating the best props for major motion pictures and indie films alike. We have enough props to deck out your entire production, room for room. We have so many thousands of items, we needed two warehouses (one in Miami, and another in Atlanta) to house all our materials. What you can’t find, we can make. Our experience in designing and creating one-of-a-kind custom props is renowned. Should you need professional art directing, lighting, special effects, or set building – we can do that, too! Truly, Movie Prop Rentals is your epicenter of movie magic!


Iconic Movie Props


In order for audiences to suspend their disbelief and delve headfirst into your world, you need the right props. Your movie prop needs could be ordinary (like couches, artwork, and park benches), or extraordinary (like Egyptian temples, UFOs, and pirate shipwrecks). We’ve decorated scenes in major motion pictures, from “Last of the Mohicans” and “Bad Boys,” to “Jeepers Creepers” and “Into the Blue.” We’re happy to propose the perfect statement pieces for you, too.




We believe a prop is more than a background item. Consider some of the more iconic movie & TV props in history:


  • What would “The Wizard of Oz” be without Dorothy’s ruby red shoes?
  • What would “Star Wars” be without light sabers?
  • What would “Game of Thrones” be without the iron throne itself?


Jennifer Lawrence had the mockingjay pin in “The Hunger Games”; Tom Hanks had a volleyball friend aptly named “Wilson” in “Castaway”; Darren McGavin had the leg lamp in “A Christmas Story”; and Michael J. Fox had his hoverboard in the “Back II The Future” films. These props were not merely ancillary set items; they were intrinsic to the characters and the plot.


Props for Movies


Our props for movies are available immediately and include:


  • Costume accessories
  • Furnishings for every room
  • Full architectural sets
  • Indoor scenery
  • Lighting or SFX equipment
  • Outdoor scenery
  • Simple budget-friendly backdrops
  • Time period pieces


We have a particularly large selection of modern home décor, beach and pool accessories, military items, outdoor street and construction site dressings, airport or airplane interiors, medical supplies, larger-than-life statutes, restaurant and bar décor, vintage goods, and medieval time period props. Whether you need a 1933 Ford Street Rod, a Chinese good luck cat, a full doctor’s examination room, or the Eiffel Tower, we’ve got it.


Custom Movie Props


If we don’t have the perfect prop in stock, we can make you a fully customized, one-of-a-kind movie prop within four to six weeks. In addition to our prop warehouses, we own a 3D foam printing, carving, and finishing studio. We can create anything short of a functional rocket to outer space.


Foam movie props and sets have been used in some of the best productions in history – from Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, to Jaws and Star Wars. Don’t let the word “foam” fool you. While our props and set pieces are lightweight, versatile, and quick to fabricate, the coatings, carving craftsmanship, and finishing work our engineers do is second-to-none. We can make your custom movie props and sets look like any material under the sun.


Many clients like our custom props because they can be affordably scaled to any dimension, so a larger-than-life environment can be developed for a reasonable cost. We’ve built Alice’s Wonderland, Candyland, Storybook villages, UFOs, six-foot-tall foods, celebrity busts, desert landscapes, Old West towns, and more.


Contact Movie Prop Rentals to discuss your project and get an idea of pricing. We work with budgets of every size and ship from coast to coast, anywhere in America.