Home Address Signs

home address plaqueFor most people, a home represents their most expensive asset. Home address signs are a stylish way of taking pride in where you live– whether it’s a primary residence or a vacation property. They can include a last name, the name of the abode, house number, street address, local municipality, or a colorful saying. Movie Prop Rentals offers a wide selection of popular designs, as well as the opportunity to customize a particular motif that showcases the family’s unique style.


3D Printed Custom Address Sign Themes

Homeowners may consider one of the following themes for a custom address sign:

  • Sea, including beach, nautical, coastal, tiki, or pirate
  • Patriotic themes, such as: stars and stripes, American eagle, military, or founding forefathers
  • Woodland with deer, elk, bears, raccoons, squirrels, wolves, moose, or trees
  • Wetland, including ducks, retriever dogs, herons, and marshes
  • Farm, with cows, horses, roosters, rabbits, bees, flowers, or farmer’s market foods
  • Pets, such as dog, bird, reptile, rodent, or cat breeds
  • A family crest, coat of arms, or symbol
  • Location-inspired imagery
  • Seasonal or holiday
  • Western or Southwestern
  • Music
  • Sports
  • Artist
  • Vintage


Custom Home Signs


The only limit to outdoor home signs is a person’s imagination. Movie Prop Rentals has an in-house 3D foam printing and carving studio, where we can create any type of signage to exacting specifications and dimensions. All we need is a basic idea, and we can design a beautiful outdoor decoration for the home. With a photograph, we can also replicate any existing sign or design aesthetic. Signs can be any color, shape, or size.


Why Choose 3D Printed Outdoor Home Signs?


There are many reasons to choose custom 3D printing for outdoor home signs:

  • Scale: they are incredibly versatile, with the ability to make a sign as big or as small as necessary.
  • Material: 3D signs can be made to look like any material– metal, plastic, wood, or stone.
  • Durable and Maintenance-Free: The glossy, weatherproof coating protects and keeps sun and dirt off.
  • Weight: The signs are printed out of lightweight foam so that they can be hung virtually anywhere.
  • Cost: Small signs can be made using 3D printing—which is a very affordable technology.


How To Display Home Address Signs


A home address sign can be displayed on:

  • A decorative post
  • The front door
  • A contemporary glass display plate
  • A wooden display plaque
  • The house itself
  • A custom-ordered statue
  • A standalone sign dug into the ground
  • A vertical gutter
  • A fence
  • A flower basket hanger
  • A mailbox
  • A street sign


Some of the most unique address signs we’ve designed have gone onto life-sized, custom-made statues like Tyrannosauruses rex, Easter Island heads, and classic car facades.


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Our designers have made signs for Hollywood, amusement parks, theaters, commercials, music videos, and Fortune 500 events. We are based in Miami, but ship anywhere in North America.