Personalized Name Signs

Looking for that perfect, unique, thoughtful gift? Movie Prop Rentals’ personalized name signs hit the mark with a truly custom piece of artwork that can be cherished and passed down through generations. We use 3D printed materials that are hand-carved and finished to look like wood, stone, marble, metal, or any material imaginable. Unique designs are our specialty. We’d love to brainstorm with you, but here are a few ideas of what’s possible.


Modern Uses for Personalized Name Signs


There are many reasons to consider buying or gifting a personalized name sign:


  • Celebrate a new baby’s arrival.
  • Celebrate a new home purchase or welcome guests.
  • Congratulate a recent high school or college graduate.
  • Commemorate a milestone birthday, anniversary, or retirement.
  • Decorate a newly renovated part of the house or a recently installed bar.
  • Proudly demarcate a home, boathouse, cabin, or other property with your last name.


Why Buy Personalized Signs for Home?


A person’s name carries a strong connection to one’s identity, individuality, and self-importance. When names are attached to personalized signs for home, there is a greater sense of ownership of the space and an appreciation for all the unique elements that make up the family living there. Whether it’s reinforcing the spelling of a baby’s name to set the child up for future learning, a saying to make someone chuckle, or a celebration of a newly renovated “man-cave,” hanging a custom sign is a thoughtful and symbolic gesture.


Personalized Family Signs Breathe Life into a Place


Movie Prop Rentals uses 3D printing technology to design and print personalized family signs out of foam that is then custom hand-finished. We’ve designed Hollywood props, theater sets, amusement park ride decorations, and corporate signage with professional attention to detail and sturdy construction that can withstand the elements when installed outdoors.


While family names remain popular, you may also like:

  • A family crest
  • A family tree
  • A prayer or blessing
  • A map of the property
  • A favorite saying
  • A cherished recipe
  • Kitchen rules
  • The home’s address
  • Rustic farmhouse accessories
  • The year the homestead or family was established


Your imagination is the only limit to what we can create.


Personalized Kitchen Signs Are A Heartwarming Addition To The Busiest Place in the House


A kitchen is a popular place of gathering, which makes it ideal for decorating. The right phrasing can be charming and heartwarming. Personalized kitchen signs may borrow several popular phrases, such as:


  • Nana’s Kitchen, Tasters Welcome
  • Sally’s Kitchen, Fresh and Tasty
  • Melanie’s Kitchen, Seasoned with Love
  • Gigi & Pop’s Kitchen, Home Cooking at its Best
  • Mom’s Kitchen, Open 24 Hours
  • Tammy’s Kitchen, Since 1986
  • Julie’s Kitchen, The Heart of the Home is Always Open
  • The Smiths’ Kitchen, Serving Up Meals and Memories
  • Noni’s Kitchen, Where Memories Are Made and Grandkids Are Spoiled


We are happy to help you conceive of the perfect personalized kitchen sign. Send us pictures or notes scribbled on the back of a cocktail napkin, and we can come up with a Computer-Assisted Design rendering of the perfect family sign.


Contact Us For a Free Quote on Customized Room Signs

Our Miami-based design company ships customized room signs anywhere in North America. We work with budgets of all shapes and sizes, but since every project is unique, we ask that you contact us for a free, no-obligation quote.