Drive-By Party

Drive by birthday party signFamily and friends are finding new ways to celebrate special occasions while social distancing. These festive lawn ornaments are set up in tandem with parades of honking, decorative cars. Across the nation, there have been festive caravans planned for birthdays, anniversaries, bridal showers, baby showers, retirement parties, military member homecomings, and “thank you” events for teachers, essential workers, or healthcare professionals.

Recipients are caught completely by surprise and feel touched that their loved ones would put together such an elaborate event. It “means the world” to people when they can’t get out to celebrate their special day as they may wish to, given world events, finances, or health circumstances. Drive-by parties are a positive glimmer of joy and hope in the world.



Celebrations During Quarantine by Movie Prop Rentals


Rent drive by party signs from Movie Prop Rentals. We also sell custom creations. Maybe you just want a few simple signs, or perhaps you’re looking to create another world in the front yard. We’ve transformed yards into Alice’s Wonderland, wild west saloons, Disney dream castles, Egyptian pyramids, and so much more. Whatever you dream up, we can do! We have made set dressings for major motion pictures and music videos, as well as decorations for festivals and celebrity engagements.

Our signs and decorations are made from 3D-printed foam – painted to look like any type of material on the planet. The Movie Prop Rentals studio is located in Miami, Florida, but we ship anywhere in the USA. We can cover a full-service set-up, tear-down, and storage if necessary, or you may prefer to complete these tasks yourself if you’re on a budget.


Caravan Birthday Parties For All Ages


drive by party barDrive-by parties deliver a personal touch that is lacking in a social media birthday greeting or mailed card. People on the receiving end of a drive-by birthday celebration have said it was “the best birthday ever” and that they will “remember it always.”

Movie Prop Rentals is happy to supply beautiful, custom signs to professional party planners, as well as families, friends, and coworkers who want to create safe yet memorable celebrations. Contact for a quote on your drive by party decorations!