Special Event Décor


Movie Prop Rentals is a Miami-based, full-service event decor company that can assist with every need. Contact Jerry Blohm or Franklin Gray to discuss your project, free of charge. If you’re not 100% sure what you want, we’ll put our expertise as former Hollywood set designers and prop masters to work for you to come up with the perfect theme and setup.


Hollywood-Caliber Event Decor from Movie Prop Rentals


Drive by birthday party signOur warehouse holds tens of thousands of unique props, furniture, decorations, walls, set pieces, and carefully curated items. Some of our items have appeared in major motion pictures like Last of the Mohicans and Bad Boys— while others have been borrowed for commercial shoots, music videos, birthday parties, festivals, weddings, graduations, trade shows, tailgate parties, theme-park rides, retail pop-ups, and every type of event you can imagine. If we can’t find what you need, we can make it in our 3D printing and carving shop.

Full-Service Event Decoration Done Right


Next, we deliver professional CAD renderings, sketches, and photographs to be sure we’re on the same page. We understand the value of responsive communication and strive for customer satisfaction around every turn. Once you’ve approved the design plans, we ship ourselves and all the equipment out to your location, anywhere in the continental USA. We take care of all the setup and arrangement for you and then teardown when the special event is over. If construction permits or additional security are necessary, we handle all these details for you.


Types of Event Decorations for Rent


If you dream it, we can do it. Most clients come to us with a particular theme in mind– be it Alice in Wonderland, Ancient Egypt, or the Wild Wild West. We believe “The bigger, the better,” so you’ll find many of our custom decorations are impressive and gargantuan in size – from Tiki totems to Tyrannosaurus Rex.


The number of weddings we decorate has increased in recent years, with unique items like bride and groom thrones, aspen trees, flower walls, ornate entrances, “Just Married” car signs, disco balls, mood lighting, custom-designed lounge seating, lanterns, and specially themed props that are authentic to the couple’s individual personalities.


Movie Prop Rentals caters to every possible interest from sports and travel to antique cars and nightclubbing. Whether you want an upscale black-tie event or a rustic camp setup, it will be our pleasure to bring your vision to life. Our crew is small but efficient; we’ve decked out citywide festivals in the past.


We Work with Contracts Big and Small


Drive by birthday party signYou may notice there is an absence of price discussions on our site. Unfortunately, given the nature of our work, there are no two contracts the same! If you’re looking for a range, we’ve loaned out a single prop to a theater in Miami for $50, and we’ve thrown celebrity mega-bashes exceeding $1M. We value every customer, no matter the size of your budget.


We specialize in creative solutions that stretch your dollars without sacrificing quality. You’d be amazed how much we can do with a few drapes, the right lighting, and a well-placed prop or two! We invite you to take a look at some of our current projects, where we list the cost of select items and displays we’ve done in the past, and contact us for a free quote.