Set Construction


Movie Prop Rentals offers set construction, setup, and teardown for a variety of purposes. Add-on services include art direction, prop rental, lighting, special effects, and custom prop fabrication. For the past few decades, our seasoned industry professionals have worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, television, and the corporate world. Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote on our services. We have home bases in Atlanta, GA and Miami, FL, but we work with groups and individuals anywhere in the USA, from coast-to-coast.


What Goes into Professional-Looking Set Construction?


Our set construction company works with any budget to create impressive sceneries and facades, including:


  • Neon light logos, signs, and cities
  • 3D computer-assisted design drawings
  • Scenic painting with a wide range of finishes
  • Draping, window dressing, and table covering
  • Wood, steel, foam, and plastic landscapes and platforms


Types of Set Construction We Dowestern town set build


  • Theatre Set Construction – From college productions to Broadway, Movie Prop Rentals has the resources you need to create realistic-looking scenery, compelling-yet-mobile sets, and eye-catching props capable of moving the plot forward. Our sets can be stationary, multi-level, or moving. If you need lighting, costume accessories, or special effects, we can help with that, too!
  • Movie Set Construction – We’ve worked on sets for major motion pictures like “Last of the Mohicans,” “Into the Blue,” “Jeepers Creepers,” “Bad Boys,” and “Step Up Revolution.” We’ve worked with a variety of students, indie directors, and feature film producers to bring their big, bold ideas to life on the silver screen. The last time we checked, most movie set construction companies don’t have their own in-house 3D-printing, fabricating, and carving studios capable of designing larger-than-life sets, from Alice in Wonderland’s World and Candyland, to an Egyptian Temple or UFO spacecraft.
  • Film Set Construction – Motion pictures aren’t the only type of art shot on film. You may have a corporate promotional video, an educational film, or a wedding to shoot. Movie Prop Rentals is happy to fill the gaps in your work flow. Troubleshooting is one of our specialties. Where others say “impossible,” we just take a moment to calculate “how long.” We’ll work with you in executing a vision, however daring and impressive.
  • TV Set Construction – We’ve worked on over 200 commercials from Cadbury Eggs to MTV, in addition to setting up talk show sets, and dressing sets for popular shows like “Miami Vice,” and “America’s Most Wanted.” We understand what it takes to trick the eye and go along with the ride.


Movie Prop Rentals Goes Above & Beyond


You may find other companies that can handle basic set construction and installation, but few can offer the creative artistic direction and full suite of services that we do. Our team consists of one award-winning art director, a production designer, a construction foreman, a construction crew, and a handful of technically skilled 3D foam fabrication, carving, and finishing craftsmen. Our knowledge ranges from:


  • Storyboarding to compose the perfect shot
  • Set construction for aesthetics, function, and lighting
  • Technical fabrication
  • Prop curation
  • Set dressing
  • Shipping

We pride ourselves on delivering full service at a cost-effective price. No job is too big or too small for our dedicated crew!