Production Design


Under the direction of Hollywood veteran art directors Jerry Blohm and Graylan Franklin, Movie Prop Rentals has expanded from one prop warehouse to two, a 3D printing and foam carving studio, a full construction crew, and full-service production design firm. After more than two decades of working on major motion pictures, TV sets, theater stages, TV commercial shoots, event coordination, and music video shoots, we have amassed a deep knowledge of what it takes to pull off an efficient and professional-looking production.


What Is Production Design?


When and where does a movie take place? This is the primary question considered by production design professionals. Going further: where have the characters come from? Should we feel warm and relaxed in their presence, or unnerved and uncomfortable? How can we set the emotional tone for where the story is headed?


Production designers manipulate the physical environment to create a realistic backdrop to the story of a film or TV show. They seek to create a particular mood or atmosphere to support the story and play a central role in communicating sub-text. We busy ourselves with color palettes, props, and subtle details. We build sets and manipulate natural settings, along with the art director, graphic designers, set builders, prop makers, and build crew. If, in the end, audiences are able to immerse themselves in the production and do not notice the design, we know we have done a good job.


Hire Movie Prop Rentals For Expert Motion Picture Production Design


Graceland stakeout on setMovie Prop Rentals is no stranger to motion picture production design. We’ve worked on films like Bad Boys, Into the Blue, Last of the Mohicans, Jeepers Creepers, and Step Up Revolution, as well as TV productions like Graceland, Alaskan Women Looking For Love, and Miami Vice. With more than 1,500 commercials and 200 music videos successfully completed, we’re masters of working within time and budget constraints.


Compared to other motion picture production companies, we offer fair pricing and a positive, unpretentious, “can-do” attitude on-set. We’re a small group of creative visionaries who thrive on teamwork.


We offer a number of in-house resources to save on costs, including:


  • Two prop warehouses, containing tens of thousands of items.
  • A 3-D foam printing and carving studio for fabricating custom props.
  • Set building space and a construction crew capable of erecting whatever you need.


Our Production Design Process


The production design process generally proceeds through the following steps:


  • You call us. We discuss your needs and engage in a bit of fun brainstorming.
  • We promptly get back to you with more specific suggestions and a quote.
  • If you’re interested, we come up with artistic renderings and custom prop proofs for you to review.
  • We’ll come out to your set, anywhere in North America, to work with your core crew.
  • When it’s all done, we pack up anything you’ve rented and take it back home with us.
  • We hope to work with you on your next production! Many of our clients are return customers.


How Professional Production Design Services Benefits You


Hiring production design services starts with the delivery of mood, character, and theme. We keep a pulse on what you can or can’t see and know when to shift props or set decorations to the foreground or expand the shot to move the plot along. Long before the actors arrive on set, we’re coordinating and weighing in on what the audience needs to see to fully immerse themselves into this world.


Like a cinematographer, we know how to manipulate light, space, and color to capture the best shot through a lens. We communicate through blueprints, sketches, and concept art, working with the director of photography to design lighting, camera movements, and backdrops with maximum impact.


Yet, we are also grounded in realism. Going one step further, a production designer is a talented filmmaker and a problem-solver who can greatly improve your workflow on set. Can we fit a dolly through the door? Can we use realistic backings instead of the green screen to produce a window within budget? We’re resourceful: what we can’t find, we build. Where we can save on time and budget without compromising quality, we do.


Convinced? Contact Movie Prop Rentals to learn more about our production set design work.