Talk Show Set Design

Don’t let our name fool you. Movie Prop Rentals is not just about renting a few props for a motion picture; we offer broad expertise in talk show set design as well. We work with beginners and industry powerhouses alike, covering the entire process from conceptualization and installation, through implementation and teardown.


What Makes A Good Talk Show Set Design?


Movie Prop Rentals understands memorable storytelling starts the moment you step on-set. Whether you’re broadcasting for news, sports, lifestyle, or comedy, you need the right elements to amplify your brand, set yourself apart from the pack, and the fluidity to move from segment to segment. The right talk show set design stays out of your way but provides the character and depth you need for success.


Generally, we start with comfortable seating and build out from there. We want the set to feel like “home” for the hosts. We can go earthy and simple like Ricki Lake or more theatric like Oprah. Many of the architectural elements– door frames, windows, artwork– are resized for TV impact, so your set doesn’t look like a dollhouse. Ultimately, our sets look like places the audience might want to visit, get comfortable, and even stay awhile.


Our Process for TV Talk Show Set Design


From start to finish, we believe in an interactive collaborative process. While we can come up with ideas, it’s ultimately your show. The fun begins with a design call, where we conference with your shareholders for a few hours to discuss the nuts and bolts of your project. During the next phase of set design for talk show clients, we’ll present you with 3D modeling, color renderings, and photographs of material inspiration we offer. At this stage, you can visualize the set and provide valuable feedback to make the result even better. After resubmitting a final design and receiving your approval, we set to work building, fabricating, creating, and decorating a set.


Our Set Design For A Talk Show Gives You More Bang For Your Buck!


Few, if any, TV talk show set design companies offer all that we can do! Our services include:

  • Design Conceptualization – Get unique ideas for your production from seasoned industry veterans.
  • Set Fabrication – We create scenic elements and full sets for you on-site or in our studio.
  • Set Installation – Our construction foreman and crew quickly and efficiently build your set to spec.
  • Prop Curation – Two warehouses full of thousands of furniture, artwork, props, and accessories.
  • Custom Prop Fabrication – If you can’t find it, we can 3D print it. Ask about our custom logos & props!
  • Set Decoration – Our art director travels to your set to tastefully arrange all the pieces you’ve selected.
  • Lighting & Special FX – Offered as an add-on service, we can also do lights, smoke, pyro, foam, & more.
  • Teardown & Storage – When it’s all said and done, we remove the components and store ‘til next time.


Everything is offered a-la-carte, so you never pay for more than precisely what you need.


Need Talk Show Set Design Ideas?


If you’re not 100% sure what type of look you’re after, that’s OK! Our staff includes an award-winning art director with TV/Hollywood experience, as well as a production designer. We thrive on creative work and truly enjoy sitting down with clients to hash out different talk show set design ideas. Whether you need late night talk show set design or design for a news broadcast, our expertise will help you find a look that is thought-provoking, functional, and never overdone.


Contact Movie Prop Rentals For A Free Quote


There is no one-size-fits-all in talk show set design. Each quote is customized and unique, based on:


  • The scope of your project – We can do as much or as little as you need.
  • Your personal preferences – Some clients have a more high-end style, while others are more minimalist.
  • Your ideal budget – We can stretch a long way on a shoestring budget or go Hollywood polished.
  • Customization – Unique, one-of-a-kind props fabricated in our studio and design work costs extra.
  • Your geographic location – We have home bases in Atlanta and Miam,i but travel anywhere in the US.
  • Our past relationship – We offer deals to repeat customers.


We love to dream BIG. Contact Movie Prop Rentals for your free, no-obligation estimate.