Telling a story through video set design is a true art form. Unlike TV commercials, we’re not selling a physical product; we’re selling an idea, an image, a metaphor. Similar to Hollywood films, we may use special effects, elaborate construction, and curated props to tell our story. Or, like a college video project, we can make use of draping, lighting, and the natural space for dramatic effect. We build for the camera, with attention-to-detail in the close-up shots, as well as built-in lighting and rigging. Great video set design could be as simple as maximizing an existing room’s full potential, or as complex as building a world from scratch using raw materials. We have expertise on both ends of the spectrum. We are committed to achieving the design aesthetic your unique project demands.
Movie Prop Rentals is comprised of a production designer, two award-winning art directors, a construction foreman, and a dependable crew of artisans, builders, and craftsmen who can build anything you can dream. A medium-size set takes about a week. Give us two weeks and you can have the Taj Mahal. Our on-site studios include:


    • Standard build center with all the wood, glass, metal, and plastic you could ever need for a texturally-rich set
    • 3D foam printing, carving, and fabrication house for custom design work
    • Vast prop warehouse with tens of thousands of items curated over the past 30 years


Video Set Design Experience

You’re in good hands with Movie Prop Rentals. Our team has worked on more than 200 music videos, alongside legendary directors like Benny Boom, Darren Grant, Eric White, Gil Green, and Joseph Kahn.

pitbull and crew performingOur video set design clients run the gamut from:


Why Work with Our Video Set Design Company?

Some clients have an idea of what they’d like for their videos. We can walk them through our warehouse of props to curate items or show them where we make custom dreams come true in our 3D Foam Fabrication & Carving studio. Other clients may need artist renderings, storyboards, and photographs to help conceptualize a memorable video shoot. We love collaborating with artists based on a script, the lyrics of a song, or a dream they once had.

Work with us at Movie Prop Rentals because:

  • In-house capabilities: We do it all in-house – construction, 3D printing, and prop curation.
  • Versatility: We can do all the construction, fabrication, and staging – as much or as little as a project requires.
  • Attention to detail: Even a few well-chosen props can transform a blank canvas set into a work of art.
  • Budget: We’ve lent a hand on small $1,000 projects and large $100,000 projects from conceptualization to build.
  • Convenience: We bring the whole setup to you, anywhere in the USA, from our bases in Atlanta or Miami.
  • Professionalism: On a set, attitude is everything! We bring a good energy, positivity, humor, and passion.

Contact us for a confidential, no-obligation video set design consultation.