Concert Lights

Lighting design can make or break your live show. Audiences arrive expecting a certain caliber of professionalism. We’ve worked with big-name acts like Kenny Chesney, J-Lo, and Enrique Iglesias to design the perfect tour setup, dressing rooms, and after-parties. Our capabilities extend beyond lighting to full art direction using props, furniture, built elements, and custom fabrication to design the mood and atmosphere that matches your musical performance. Whether you have a concept in mind or you’re looking for direction, the team at Movie Prop Rentals has you covered.

Band Lighting Design

Movie Prop Rentals offers music artist clients lighting expertise from an award-winning art director with over 30 years of experience on Hollywood productions and music video sets. Our team can help you determine the best location for lights, so audiences can see the action. You may have your own lighting equipment – and that’s fine! We work with whatever you’ve got to position your stage in a way that perfectly highlights your act.

Concert Lights Rental

No equipment? No problem! We can get state-of-the-art lighting equipment to highlight your musicians and rented props. We can set up backlight trusses to build a surreal atmosphere and to create that unique, dynamic look concerts are noted for. We’ll hit downstage right, left, and center, and highlight the drum kit upstage center. We can use soft diffused lights or highly focused spotlights, depending on your needs.

We can provide whatever concert lighting design a modern live music show demands, including:

  • LEDs – Adjust between red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, yellow, and white at the touch of a button.
  • Ellipsoidal Reflector Spotlights – Choose soft or sharp edges, shuttering to adjust the light’s throw.
  • Par Cans – Cast your star in a highly visible light with these super-hot headlights.
  • Fresnels – Wash your subjects in soft colors, with varying focus levels.
  • Spotlights – Follow performers as they move across the stage.
  • Moving Lights – Create a fantastic display of light with adjusting colors, focus, and shutters.
  • Hazers – Add a bit of special effects to your show to make the most of your lighting design.
  • Pyrotechnics – Yes, we’ve even done fire (or bubble) special effects. If you dream it, we can do it.

Most modern rock concert lighting design plans involve DMX Controller communication networks, which hook up a combination of lighting instruments to a single console. Musicians can customize the intensity, color, and movement of every fixture in the chain – blending colors, fading lights, and adjusting to the tempo of the track. Using these sophisticated controls, you can program different themes for different songs and even within the same track if you desire.

Contact us for Professional Concert Lighting

Work with the seasoned professionals at Movie Prop Rentals for professional concert lighting services. We also own a prop house and 3D foam fabrication & carving studio. We can offer you expert art direction, stage design, stage installation, and lighting design. We’re based in Miami, FL and Atlanta, GA, but we can travel wherever you need us. Contact our team for a free quote.