Lighting Design

You can have the best set build on the planet, but it amounts to nothing without the right lighting design. Effective lighting is essential to pick up all the subtle nuances of your set design, as cameras cannot “see” as well as the human eye. The right illumination tells a story – whether it’s daytime or nighttime, a spooky moment or a time for romance. There are plenty of set builders in the country, but few that can lead you to the experts in lighting design, too.

Film lighting

We work closely within your artistic vision to achieve your cinematic goals. Types of film lighting we suggest include:

lighting design in airplane set

  • Ambient Light – making use of neon store signs, moonlight, lamps, or sunlight filtering in
  • Back Lighting – to separate your subject from the background for a 3-D effect
  • Bounce Lighting – to redirect natural lighting onto your subjects or room walls
  • Fill Lighting – to remove dark shadows from your main subject
  • Hard Lighting – to silhouette or contour a main subject using shadows
  • High Key – to brighten and overexpose your scene, removing virtually all shadows
  • Key Lighting – to directly illuminate your main subject
  • Low Key – to heighten mystery, suspense, or drama through increased shadows
  • Motivated Lighting – using artificial sources to mimic sunlight, moonlight, or street lamps
  • Practical Lighting – working in candles, lamps, overhead lights, and headlights
  • Side Lighting – to create dramatic contrasts in your scene
  • Soft Lighting – to reduce harsh shadows and create drama


Stage lighting

Stage lighting is far from a one-size-fits-all strategy. Theatre lighting is different than concert lighting, and we know it all. There are many different types of stage lights – from floods and Fresnel spotlights, to profile spotlights and par cans. The lights can be positioned for the effect you want – front to illuminate facial features, side to highlight the human form, high side lighting to illuminate the upper body, back lighting to provide depth in the background, or down lighting to wash the entire set.

Video lighting

Our diverse experience in video lighting has included tiki torches for a Bacardi beach promotion, bold and dramatic lighting for a Honda car commercial, and wild party lighting for a Lil’ Wayne music video. Your project may only require basic three-point lighting with main, fill, and accent lights to illuminate your main subjects. Or you may need advanced lighting techniques to evoke mood. We’ve worked with thousands of professionals on projects big and small. Adding our lighting recommendations guarantees you a fantastic outcome.

Event lighting

While video production is our main slice, we’re no strangers to event lighting. When Brickell City Centre wanted a world class holiday display that was both modern and luxurious, we were their “go-to.” With our in-depth experience and vast network of expert lighting consultants, we pooled our resources to create a stunning winter wonderland that captivated shoppers. We used high-output 5P HEX LED fixtures and projectors to create the magical effect of a “cold” winter’s day in Miami. In addition, we’ve done trade shows, pro sporting events, weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, and more.

Get Professional Lighting Design for Your Next Project!

Whether you need a full light background or a few accent lights, we provide this valuable add-on service to our customers so their projects come together perfectly and stand out from the rest. Jerry Blohm’s passion for historic lighting fixture restoration is plain to see. Contact us for more information on who we recommend to handle your lighting design needs.