Event Lighting

When you work with Movie Prop Rentals for your special event, you receive so much more than typical stage installation. Sure, we have platforms, risers, crowd control barriers, trusses, and staircases. But that’s not all. We also provide professional set design with props, custom landscape construction, and expert event lighting.

Event Lighting for All Occasions

Most of our clients need more than event stage construction. They need the whole shebang – lights, scenery, props – in other words: a world-class production! Movie Prop Rentals is your one stop shop for all the elements required for your special event, whether it’s a:

  • City festivalparty entrance with lights
  • Concert
  • Dance show
  • Awards ceremony
  • Corporate presentation
  • Theatre production
  • Graduation
  • Tradeshow display
  • Wedding, or
  • Other special occasion.

Versatile Lighting for Events

Event lighting may include LEDs, ellipsoidal reflector spotlights, par cans, fresnels, spotlights, moving party lights, hazers, and even pyrotechnics. We provide DMX controller communication networks to coordinate all the moving parts of your lighting display, either manually, programmed, or randomized. Having the right lighting for events ensures that your affair is presented with the right ambiance and professionalism.

Lighting for Outdoor Events

In addition to all the usual stage lights, we can procure unusual novelty lighting that adds elegance and ambiance for your outdoor event. Fairy lights, string lights, rope lights, lanterns, tiki torches, colored spotlights, and electric candles are some of the many options available to Movie Prop Rentals’ clients. Going beyond the stage, we can light your VIP lounge areas, trees, landscaping, pools, cabanas, fountains, building facades, and other structures in strategic ways to make the biggest impact on your guests.

Why Choose Movie Prop Rentals to Light Your Event?

Movie Prop Rentals is run by award-winning art director Jerry Blohm, an experienced production designer, a safety-minded construction foreman, and a crew of efficient, able-bodied, “can-do” teammates. For us, the job is not just about showing up, setting up, and tearing down. We put considerable imagination and thought into designing the perfect setup that is not only functional, but out-of-this-world to behold. Like any Hollywood crew, we love dreaming big and problem-solving to make it all happen under-budget. Our unique background includes several decades of working on film sets, theatre sets, TV commercials, music videos, and corporate events brings a high level of competence to your special event that will impress the most discerning audiences.

Need A Referral for Event Lighting?

Event lighting is an add-on service for Movie Prop Rentals. When you hire us to set up your stage, provide props, or custom-design a set piece, we can provide all the event lighting rental and installation you need. Contact us to discuss your upcoming event. We ship and travel anywhere in the USA where our expertise is needed.