Video Lighting Design

Video lighting design is one of the critical factors in achieving effective cinematography. Video lighting can be subtle to highlight the main actors or it can be used more dramatically to evoke a particular mood. Contact us at Movie Prop Rentals to gain access to the highest quality expert art direction.


Key Principles in Video Lighting


We take into consideration all the different elements necessary for the Hollywood-caliber video lighting audiences expect.

  • The Setting – First, we consider the light background of your shooting location and the time of day. We’ll assess the natural lighting, ambient light, shadows, and changing weather conditions and deploy our wide arsenal of lighting equipment accordingly.
  • Shot Type – Next, we’ll consider what type of shots you’ll be doing. Most shots use the “three point shooting” technique with a key light, fill light, and backlight. (The exception is broadcast news, which uses flat lighting). Different situations may require different types of specialty lighting, be it a close-up, interview, or action shot with multiple moving subjects.
  • Shooting Angle – The shooting angle will determine what type of lighting is needed. High angle lighting can produce a spotlight or almost “angelic” appearance, while low angle lighting produces a more dramatic, intimidating, even “spooky,” effect.
  • Softness – Films can use hard, concentrated lighting to create well-defined shadows. Or films can use soft, diffused, umbrella lighting to hide surface imperfections and “beautify” your subjects in a flattering manner.  


Make Your Mark as A Filmmaker with Colored Video Production Lighting


Color psychology and color temperature are often used in filmmaking to evoke particular emotions. Orange and pink portrays warmth and sociability, while blues and greys are colder and more reserved. Red or black can mean anger, danger, passion, or evil, depending on the surrounding context. White represents innocence and purity, by contrast. Yellow conveys happiness and energy, whereas green can represent jealousy or eeriness. If you need more dramatic light for video shooting, we can help out with any color you need.

There are countless examples of films that used unusual lighting to make a mark. In the film Natural Born Killers, Oliver Stone used the color green to indicate the mental sickness of the main character prior to his acts of violence. In Wizard of Oz, Dorothy went from a sepia toned world to one of color to showcase the magical nature of her surroundings. The saturated colors of comic book spinoff Sin City became a defining characteristic of the film.


We Deliver Lights for Video Production Anywhere in America


Lights for video production can be incredibly heavy, fragile, expensive, and difficult to transport. Let us make it easier on you! While Movie Prop Rentals is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and Miami, Florida, we travel anywhere in all 50 states, where we are needed. Whether you are just looking to borrow the equipment or you’d like to tap our expertise in Hollywood video lighting design, Jerry Blohm and crew are at your service. Quality lighting can make or break your film, so why trust amateurs? We’ve got decades of experience lighting for film, theatre, commercials, and music videos. Contact us for a free quote on your next production.