We traveled to St. Louis, Missouri, to design an entire house for a well-known Dutch Boy paint commercial. Our crew at Movie Prop Rentals took a very ordinary house with a basic garage and transformed it into an amazing, modern abode, complete with a fully-constructed man cave.


Looking at the before and after photos, you’d assume they’d hired a home renovation company to get the look they needed. That sort of buildout could’ve easily cost our client tens of thousands of dollars, but in our resourcefulness, we were able to make the transformation for FAR less.


About the Ad


The Dutch Boy “Go” ad encouraged viewers to:

  • “Go outside the lines” (with a bold blue living room, complete with textured molding).
  • “Go dream” (with a tranquil, but cheery blue bedroom that is beautiful and inspiring).
  • “Go happy” (with a bright, beachy yellow living room, perfect for creating family memories).
  • “Go play” (with the deep red man cave, ideal for guitarists and ping pong enthusiasts alike).
  • “Go amazing” (with an unconventional, bold orange dining room with rug accents to match).


What We Did


Our client, a paint manufacturer, needed the rooms to show off character in a way that complemented, rather than detracted from, the wall colors. Our prop warehouses contain tens of thousands of items – unique statement pieces like vintage steamer trunks and a massive collection of license plates, as well as more ordinary selections like electric guitars and white bookshelves. Our furniture can be vintage, contemporary, modern, or a combination of styles for a look that feels familiar, yet fresh.


Insider’s Perspective

“By far, the biggest part of the project was the Man Cave,” set designer Jerry Blohm explains. The garage, as we found it, was simply a garage – concrete slab floors, dated fluorescent overhead lighting, white walls, exposed garage door opener, and junk like old paint cans and extra drywall everywhere. In a matter of days, we transformed the space into the sort of place you’d want to hang out, complete with ping pong tables, leather couches, and musical instruments.


The paint and flooring finishes made the room classy, but we wanted to remind viewers it was a “Man Cave” – a hangout for the traveling musician who was young at heart and liked to have fun. Jerry says, “We added lockers, old steamer trunks, African drums, different state license plates – all these carefully curated items that revealed the owner as a well-traveled individual.”


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