Here at Movie Prop Rentals, we were incredibly excited to work with DJ Khaled on his TikTok CMO announcement – and we think the awesome results speak for themselves!


We’re no strangers to DJ Khaled. Music video set design is one of our main areas of expertise. You may have seen his video with Sza, featuring many of our sets and props, or the art direction of our own Jerry Blohm in the Ciroc video featuring DJ Khaled, P Diddy, and T-Pain.


Want to make a BIG impression in your next “rising star” video? Why not work with the same “go-to” source the pros use? Whether you’re doing a music video, a commercial, or a social media influencer piece, Movie Prop Rentals can help design, build, install, and furnish any set you can dream up. If we don’t already have the right curated items, we can build a custom piece for you in our 3D printing studio. Each project we do is unique in its own way. Prime example: The recent work we did decking out DJ Khaled’s “golden” TikTok CMO announcement.


Movie Prop Rentals Supplies Sets and Props for DJ Khaled’s TikTok Video


Anyone who knows DJ Khaled knows he loves gold. His $25.9 million waterfront mansion in Miami-Dade featured a 14-karat gold chandelier with Swarovski crystals in the front foyer, after all. So when he came to us looking for a “boss” video fit for a hip-hop mogul at the top of his game, we knew exactly what he’d love.

Our video props included everything from big boss desks, golden drapes, goblets, and vintage chairs indoors, to golden tea kettles, glittering lounge chairs, and statues outdoors. We procured Asian-themed plants for meditation, full-length golden mirrors for reflection, and vintage couches fit for kings to relax upon. The red velvet throne and golden lions in the opening scene are among DJ Khaled’s favorite items in our Atlanta, GA and Miami, FL warehouses. You may notice them as a recurring theme in his music video set builds.


What Is TikTok?


TikTok launched as “Douyin” in September 2016 as a platform to “capture and present the world’s creativity, knowledge, and precious life moments, directly from the mobile phone.” Users record short videos, adding music and visual effects. Through hashtags, they can participate in challenges and join a variety of trending topics. In many ways, it’s like the Next Generation version of Vine, which shut down in 2017.


Demographically speaking, TikTok is all the rage among youngsters these days, with 60% of users in the 16-to-24 demographic. Over 200 million Americans have downloaded the app, but two-thirds of the users are from India. Most videos depict a person dancing, lip-syncing, or pulling a quick stunt. According to Vox, “The act of scrolling through TikTok will transport you into the worlds of regular American teenagers whose videos have thousands of likes and hundreds of supportive comments.”


The social platform surpassed Instagram and YouTube as the #4 “most downloaded app” in 2018. With 500 million active users each month, TikTok more than doubles the peak popularity of Vine. On any given month, 75 million new users are added to the short form video site. In fact, TikTok’s user base is larger than the populations of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico combined!


The beauty of TikTok is that anyone who creates a 15-second video can be a celebrity on the platform, but that still hasn’t stopped the company from soliciting more high-profile brand ambassadors like Cardi B, Jimmy Fallon, Amy Schumer, Tony Hawk, and most recently DJ Khaled, who became TikTok’s “new Chief Marketing Officer.”


Contact Movie Prop Rentals to Join the Party


If you have any questions about set design, set construction, prop rental, and custom prop fabrication, an email or phone call to Movie Prop Rentals is a great starting point. We’ve worked with major celebrities and directors, but we’re about as non-pretentious as they come. Our satisfaction comes from problem-solving to get you the best look for your production, in record time and under budget. We thrive on the creative design process and in supplying our clients with the resources to “dream big.” Don’t let anyone say you’re “just a dreamer.” Be a doer! Call Movie Prop Rentals to bring your artistic vision to life. Maybe you’ll end up as TikTok’s next brand ambassador.


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