Don’t let the name fool you. Movie Prop Rentals offers tens of thousands of props for your next production – but so much more. Our full-service team can see your project from set design conceptualization to build and tear down. Whether you’re in charge of a major motion picture, theater run, TV commercial, music video, wedding, corporate party, tradeshow, or citywide event – we’ve done it all over the decades! Simply contact Jerry Blohm to discuss your needs and we’ll send the artistic directors, the construction crew, the scenes, and the props right to your doorstep.

Set Design

An effective set design is necessary to create the illusion of time and place. You can even use your set to advance the plot, indicate time of day, or suggest the weather. A great set inspires actors to reach their true potential, complements the costumes, captivates audiences, evokes a particular mood, and breathes life into your artistic vision. If you’re not exactly sure where you want to go, no problem! Our design consultants are able to bring experience over from hundreds of set designs to put the best practices into place for a unique end result.

Set Builds

It can be difficult to find the perfect prop for rent, but it’s even more difficult to find someone who has the capability to furnish your entire production and build your whole set, too! Set builds are overseen directly by company founder Jerry Blohm, as well as his experienced team – Production Designer Rick Brown, Art Director Graylan Franklin, and Construction Foreman Rex Hendrix. No job is too big or too small. If you dream it, we can build it – from airplane interiors, doctor’s offices, and beach huts, to Egyptian temples, castles, and Western towns. We’ve worked with feature film production budgets, as well as big money sets, so we know how to bring your ideas to life within your price range.

Event Styling and Setup

Everyone wants to be part of something special nowadays. Events are getting bigger and bolder, particularly as our capability to execute big dreams within budget increases. We do full event styling and setup for celebrity events, weddings, concerts, city festivals, and corporate events alike. We can build out your area in any theme you’d like, making fully functional bars, lounge areas, interactive exhibits, and art installations. We ship anywhere in the USA!

Lighting Design

The right illumination evokes a mood and tells a story. We work closely with your artistic vision to provide the right lighting design, which can include ambient, back, bounce, fill, hard, high key, low key, motivated, practical, soft, and/or side lighting. Our lighting projects range from film, TV, and video, to stage, event, and concert. We bring all the equipment, setup, and haul it all away when you no longer need the rental.

3D Printing and Foam Fabrication

3D printing and foam fabrication is the process used to create three-dimensional objects by layering materials formed under computer control. Compared to other mediums, sculpting foam is fast, lightweight, durable when coated, and affordable. Often, the 3D print work we do is larger-than-life, allowing people to walk into fully immersive environments that utterly astound. This is a game-changer for many industries, and our prop warehouse is a leader in 3D fabrication.

We own our very own 3D machine, so we can make almost anything at cost:

  • Aliens – If it can be drawn, we can make it! The weirder the better!
  • Animals –We’ve made lions, rhinos, bulls, and elephants come to life through foam molding!
  • Architecture – Victorian tea rooms, pirate shipwrecks, even Alice’s Wonderland – we’ve fabricated it.
  • Models of any kind– Need a cool spaceship model? A giant storybook? A vampire’s coffin? We gotcha!
  • Words – Supersized custom foam logos are an attention-grabbing way to advertise at special events or retreats.

Whether you have an idea in mind or you’re looking for direction, Movie Prop Rentals has the experience, the resources, and the manpower to make your dream a tangible success! Contact us to learn more about our wide range of creative services.