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The 50 states of America are opening up for business in vastly different ways, which has some folks feeling uneasy. Social distancing is likely to continue, to some extent, throughout the summer, and into the fall. Yet, that doesn’t mean we must remain in isolation, as birthday parties, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, retirements, new babies, and holidays pass us by. Have your event but do so safely.


Call in Pros To Throw A Safe, Impactful Social Distancing Event At Home


If there’s anyone who knows how to create a practical, attractive, and well-spaced environment, it’s Hollywood set designers. Movie Prop Rentals brings the expertise you need to throw an over-the-top social distancing party that satisfies but respects the boundaries imposed upon us by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Here’s what Movie Prop Rentals can do for you:


  • We consult to help you plan.
  • We bring ALL the furniture.
  • We bring ALL the decorations.
  • We design custom displays.
  • We set up and tear down.


Party organizers call our Miami, Florida business due to the amazing themed sets and props we have in our warehouse– most of which have been used in Hollywood films, music videos, and theatrical productions. Our sets have been called “illusions of phenomenon.” We’ve done parties for Shaq, the city of Miami, and ordinary citizens alike. We cater to budgets and tastes of all sizes.


Thanks to our in-house 3D Foam Carving and Fabrication studio– anything you can dream, we can create. Basic props, signs, and decorations are printed out of lightweight, portable computer-printed foam, then hand-carved and finished by artisans to look like the real deal.


If you’re planning a social distancing party outside, there are limitless options for reimagining your space. We’ve erected Alice’s Wonderland in a backyard, added dinosaurs and UFOs to the party, and filled lawns with oversized food and candy. We’ve transformed spaces into Wild West towns, Asian tea gardens, Ancient Egypt, the Taj Mahal, tropical paradises, jungles, medieval castles, night clubs, and other planets.


Social Distancing Party Ideas


Stumped for what to do? Consider some of the most popular social distancing party ideas:


  • Drive-By Party: Decorate the cars for an unforgettable personal parade to show someone you care. This is particularly wise for the elderly and immune-compromised. Though it may be different than the parties of the past, it is still one for the memory books.


  • Pay-It-Forward Pizza: The Westampton Township Police Department in New Jersey organized a pizza party for hundreds of residents. Officers took the calls, picked up the pizzas, and delivered them to residents’ doors– wearing masks to practice social distancing protocol, of course. The department donated $2,000 from the community policing fund to cover the cost of 275 pizzas. They’ve done ice cream socials and block parties in the past but decided to surprise the community with pizzas this year to minimize contact. Larger-than-life pizza decorations on the cars and yards can make this type of surprise even more impactful.


  • Social Distancing Parties for Adults: Adults have celebrated with “stock the bar” porch drop-off parties. For someone turning 40, consider leaving a poem: “40 bottles of wine on the porch, 40 bottles of wine; we love you the most, so let’s make a toast, with 40 bottles of wine on the porch.” Surprise the recipient with a fully themed and decorated yard, and have friends and family coordinate the no-contact drop-off.


  • Social Distancing Party Outside: Music icon Cher was surprised with a backyard party by 10 of her closest friends and family members for her 74th Everyone wore masks and gloves and refrained from hugging but didn’t forget the cake. There are many precautions you can take to ensure the safety of your guests. Space the tables six feet apart in small clusters. Instead of a self-serve buffet, consider having one masked person dish everybody up.


  • Social Distancing Parties for Children/Teens: We can set up an outdoor movie theater for your kids’ party that respects social distancing, while delivering an authentic experience. Costumed dance parties are popular amongst youngsters, as are scavenger hunts. You can order-ahead craft kits and set up well-spaced tables.


If you’re thinking about a social distancing party, contact Movie Prop Rentals to find out how to make it even more unique, special and fun, all while staying safe. Every project is unique, but you can expect prompt service in receiving a custom quote.