We own the 3D printing machines. Our clients dream up the rest. A 3D Arnold Schwarzenegger? A coffin? A cactus? An 8-foot story book? Ten-foot lollipops? A tiki bar? Floating pieces of toast? The Eiffel Tower? Alice’s Wonderland? We’ve fabricated it all. Our 3D design products represent some of the most creative and interesting work we do at 3D Foam Carving & Fabrication


3D Design Has No Limit for Any Event


We worked with pro skateboarder Bob Burnquist and Visit California “to make dreams possible” by designing and creating a custom structure featuring a half-pipe, quarter pipe, and 45-degree skate ramp that floats. Anticipating what pitfalls may come, we developed a weighted rigger attachment to prevent the ramp from oscillating too much in the water. This amazing project shows just what can be achieved with a bold imagination and the craftsmanship to make dreams come alive.


What Events Need Us?


The real question is: What can’t 3D foam do? The applications are many! Here are a few examples:

  • Film Set Builds – On “American Crime Story,” we built a house boat from scratch. Other recent works were displayed on Spanish TV channel Telemundo and on the hit TV series “Graceland.”
  • Music Videos – We’ve worked with Pit Bull, Puff Daddy, Little Big Town, Nicki Minaj, Flo Rida, and more.
  • Commercials – We made the perfect sandcastle and a giant pineapple for Sea Doo.
  • Advertisements – We created giant-sized 3D judge mallets to complement Aaron Judge’s ADIDAS ad in Times Square. The added depth really catches the eye!
  • Trade Shows – We’ve designed fruit stands for Sabra and bars for Bacardi. This gnome garden really turned heads at a Home & Garden Show.
  • Events – We customized the standard “bucking bull” you see with an elephant head for one of our clients. The Hog Country Arkansas Razorbacks lounge was a major attraction, with plenty of Instagram-worthy spots to have a picture snapped.
  • Attractions – We made signage for the Rocky Top roller coaster at Pigeon Forge.


From Idea To 3D Print


Traditional manufacturing processes take up a lot of time, money, and resources. 3D printing allows us to achieve more than we ever thought possible at a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost. For people with big imaginations, 3D products are excellent ways to test dimensions, space, proportions, ergonomics, colors, materials, and usability in a quick, affordable way. We can print out real, functional prototypes before they’re mass-produced. We can create interactive environments that captivate audiences. We can make entire movie sets. 3D Foam Carving & Fabrication represents the “doers” that help the “dreamers” bring their visions to light. Through imagination and innovation, we can achieve anything.