As Ad Week explains, Super Bowl weekend is “that one time of the year to embrace Roman numerals.” This year, four Miami Burger King restaurants capitalized off the hometown Super Bowl buzz to update their signage in a big way. Instead of reading “Flame Grilling Since 1954,” thanks to Movie Prop Rentals’ ingenuity, the signs now read “Flame Grilling Since 19LIV” in honor of the 54th Super Bowl (or, in Roman speak, Super Bowl LIV.)

About the Promo

Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium hosted the 2020 Super Bowl. Naturally, Burger King wanted to be involved. Decked-out locations included Miami Burger Kings at 9201 South Dixie Highway, 2801 SW 27th Avenue, 5721 NW 7th Street, and 15320 NW 79th Court in Miami Lakes. The signs were installed one week before the Super Bowl and taken down the day after.

The reception was overwhelmingly positive. Comic Book put it this way: “Not only does the year of Burger King’s founding line up with the roman numerals for ‘54’, but Burger King first opened in Miami. It all lines up to make for a great Super Bowl tie-in meaning that no matter who wins the big game, Burger King has already won– at least in terms of advertising.” Other media outlets called the promo “playful” and “appropriate,” while Twitter users described the play on words as “clever” and “super interesting.”

What We Did

We partnered up with the David The Agency in Miami (the Ad Age “Agency Innovator of the Year” for 2018) to fabricate the custom letters and install them at each location. This was no trouble for our custom, in-house 3D-printing studio, where we design, print, paint, and finish all items to exacting client specifications. We do a lot of work in our hometown of Miami, but our able-bodied crew will travel anywhere in the USA to install your signage. We ship it, store it, tear it down, and store it again or destroy it if necessary– or you can keep it if you have the ability. Whatever you need, we’re here for you.

Insider’s Perspective

“It was a very tricky deal because it involved getting our letters to exactly match during the day and at night,” explains Movie Prop Rentals co-owner Jerry Blohm, “The lighting color temperature had to be precise, so it didn’t look like a cheap add-on, but rather, as if it had been that way the whole time. It’s this trick of the eyes that makes spectators go ‘hmmmmm.’”

“We love to have months to work on a project,” explains partner Graylan Franklin, “but anyone who has worked in film, TV, or events understands the dynamic nature of our work and the pressing deadlines that inevitably come along with it. Fortunately, we had some lead time on the Burger King signage, but we still worked tirelessly to have these custom letters all ready to go in four days over Christmas Break. That’s why top ad agencies contact us. They know we can deliver, no excuses, with a fast turnaround so that they can focus on other aspects of the promotion.”

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