We worked with producer ASORI in November 2020 to film a 30-second TaxAct commercial, introducing the brand to audiences as an alternative to Turbo Tax. The client needed several different settings, furnishings, props, and special effects– all of which Movie Prop Rentals was more than happy to provide.

About the Commercial

The ad opens on a woman seated at her home office desk, on a Zoom call. The guide rises on an elevated platform outside the window and explains, “Fact: All tax companies say they get you the biggest refund.” We see TaxAct come up on her monitor. “But only TaxAct has our Deduction Maximizer that helps find money hiding everywhere,” the spokesman adds. The woman presses a button, and money shoots out of her screen, causing her to shriek with glee. “That could be you,” we’re told.

In the following sequence, we see neon TATTOO letters in the background as the spokesman says, “Fact: Most people pay way too much to file their taxes.” The camera pans out, and we see he’s getting a TaxAct tattoo on his forearm. “Also fact: TaxAct costs up to 20% less than Turbo Tax.” Money shoots out of the tattoo artist’s smartphone, and does a happy dance. “So make the switch. File for less and get more with TaxAct.”

What We Did

  • We procured the desk, chair, computer, keyboard, mouse, vase, and plant for the home office, as well as the crane and scaffolding to bring the spokesman up outside the apartment window.
  • Our team created a tattoo studio with a light-up neon sign, black leather furniture, an oriental rug, and floor-to-ceiling art on the walls.
  • Lastly, we gathered hundreds of dollars in fake money and rigged up the “money-shooting” signature special effect TaxAct loves to use in all their spots.

Insider’s Perspective

“A lot of times people come to us with ideas and wonder, ‘How am I going to make this happen?’” Movie Prop Rentals co-founder Jerry Blohm explains. “Graylan and I come from a Hollywood background. We’ve seen how motion picture magic happens behind-the-scenes. Through hundreds of projects, problem-solving, adaptation, resourcefulness– this is what we do best.”

Co-founder Graylan Franklin adds, “The fake money in particular is so fun. From rap videos to commercials, money shooting everywhere and raining down never gets old. We bring the dream to life, and that’s the most rewarding part of the work we do. We translate your vision into reality.”

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