Movie Prop Rentals was honored to be part of the roll-out of DJ Khaled’s new album by working on the props and art direction for the “Just Us” video, helping to create the lavish, detailed atmosphere reminiscent of a big-budget Roman gladiator film. This was not the first time we worked with DJ Khaled. You may have recognized our work from his viral Tiktok CMO announcement video. What can we say? The man loves opulent, gold, over-the-top décor!


Movie Prop Rentals has worked with award-winning directors on more than 200 music videos for top artists like John Legend, Robin Thicke, 50 Cent, Pitbull, P-Diddy, Lil Wayne, Flo-Rida, T-Pain, Timberland, Nikki Minaj, and more. We’re proud of all our efforts, but working on DJ Khaled’s “Just Us” video was especially satisfying.


About Khaled’s “Just Us” Music Video


Directed by the in-demand Joseph Kahn (who has worked with everyone from Eminem to Taylor Swift), the “Just Us” video was released on May 17, 2019 along with his new album, Father of Asahd. The song debuted at #43 on Billboard’s “Top 100” chart. DJ Khaled himself described the album as his “most important” yet – setting the bar higher with its incredible, star-studded lineup of guests and a “legendary” sound. Revolt called the song “one of the sure standout of records from the project” with DJ Khaled and SZA against the world.


Pitchfork compared the aesthetic to the movie “300,” Rolling Stone similarly called it “gladiator-style,” and RatedRNB thought SZA brought the fighting moves of “Xena, Warrior Princess.” They’re battling with swords on a ship, riding elephants, and sitting atop golden thrones. You can’t live much larger than that. Complex called the effort “carefully crafted,” and Vibe called our video “elaborate.”


What We Did


Movie Prop Rentals was in charge of dressing the set and obtaining all necessary props, including:


  • Warrior helmets, shields, wrist gauntlets, body armor, swords, and battle axes
  • Palatial bedchamber fit for a harem
  • King-sized bed with pillows
  • A working gong
  • Gold and silver pots
  • Golden throne
  • Golden chalice
  • Golden hookah
  • Golden elephants
  • Planters with foliage
  • Wall sconces and chandeliers
  • Various sized traveler’s chests
  • Ancient ruin columns
  • Candleholders
  • Buddha statute
  • Museum-worthy statues
  • Quilted throw, plush velvet throw, animal print throw, and animal furs


Insider’s Perspective


“The special post effects were amazing when combined with our props – like the throne and the golden elephants,” prop master Jerry Blohm recalls. “Some of the set pieces were extraordinary to work with – particularly the 10-foot tall pillars and larger-than-life temple entrance. I think every single person on set sat on that decadent throne at some point!”

“The custom 3D printed foam-carved piece in the very beginning was my favorite piece on set,” added art director Graylan Franklin. “The term ‘3D-printed’ is a bit deceiving. I prefer ‘fabrication’ because so much artistry and craftsmanship goes into polishing the initial printout to come up with the final piece. It’s economical, yes, it’s easy to scale, yes, but it’s also an impressive piece of work when you see our custom orders in person.”


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