Miami-based Movie Prop Rentals is a nationwide source of full and large-scale foam props, sets, and décor used in Hollywood films, theatrical productions, music videos, commercials, trade shows, and events. We’re teaming up with wedding planners around the country to develop custom scenery to match any theme.

Get That Fairytale Wedding You’ve Always Wanted

Imagine a fairy-tale wedding– not just with a castle cake topper, but a castle entryway guests walk through into the venue. Instead of a dragon photo booth, enjoy a 10-foot, smoke-breathing dragon that comes to life for the ultimate photo opp. Pose with Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage, Medieval wall ruins, or giant church crosses. The couple can drink from golden chalices and sit atop red velvet thrones. Movie Prop Rentals has everything you need to bring the most extravagant wedding themes to life.

Invite Guests into A Dream!

One of the coolest wedding receptions we designed involved a Willy Wonka inspired recreation of Hansel and Gretel’s candy cottage in the woods. We transformed a rickety shack into a 38-foot tall, 25-foot wide gingerbread house concert hall, spotlighted and decked out in Christmas lights. The bottom of the venue’s interior featured a bar, main band stage, dance floor, and VIP lounge. The upper deck was just the spot for a famous DJ to play. Cocktail hour food platters were built around statues and garden landscapes, straight out of a fairy-tale storybook. A yellow brick road led to an indoor candy cottage, with a full moon forest backdrop.

Our Weddings Are Celebrity-Caliber

Movie Prop Rentals has set up wedding ceremonies featured on True TV and MTV. It can be as budget-friendly and basic as creating a custom 3D-printed sign out of foam and hand-finished to look like the material of your choice—and to any size dimension. We can add pillars, flowers, archways, curtains, benches, pompoms, and lights. Or we can roll out the red carpet to a custom-built archway and altar, set up rows of seating, and string up all the right mood lighting. We specialize in bringing client visions to life for that big day.

How It Works

Some clients have specific photos they’d like to emulate, while others may have handmade sketches or descriptions only. The art department will whip up a 3D CAD file rendering for custom work or send over a few photos from the prop warehouse. Once approved, we can put together the perfect package to ship out anywhere in the USA. If necessary, our team will supervise the entire setup and teardown to ensure the wedding goes without a hitch. We own the 3D printing center, so all of the work is done in-house– to discerning standards.

Next, the compatible CAD files are sent to the printers, where wire-cutters and routers fabricate the shapes needed for your design. Artisans then sand the rudimentary shapes and manually carve them into realistic figures with handheld tools. Everything is then covered with polyurea coating to make it strong and durable. Once dry, different paints and finishes can be hand-applied to achieve a particular look. Finally, full and large-scale props are assembled to make an amazing backdrop for the wedding.

Hollywood Artisans At Your Disposal

Wedding designs are a labor of love for our team. We enjoy playing witness to all the different themes and personalities showcased in the weddings that come our way. Our company has evolved from set design and prop master in major motion pictures like Last of the Mohicans, Jeepers Creepers, and Into the Blue to a diverse mix of theatre, events, commercials, and nonprofit art displays. If you’re soon-to-be-wedded or a wedding planner, contact Movie Prop Rentals to discuss the professional wedding decorations we do.